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    Hair restoration for women in an instant fill-in powder! Conceal a pink scalp with Joan Rivers Great Hair Day beauty product

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    Hair resotration treatment for women and hair replacement for chemo hair loss is expensive. Joan Rivers has hair fill-in shadow for women to conceal pink scalp on a tight budget!

    Great Hair Day

    Great Hair Day for women by Joan Rivers is a bald spot fill in hair makeup powder. It’s hair-shadow for women! Great Hair Day is actually a great idea and a well reviewed beauty product for women with thinning hair and shiny pink skin showing at their hair parts where female baldness sets in.

    Women ridicule Rivers for her outrageously obvious plastic surgery but Joan Rivers is laughing all the way to the bank selling the beauty products and accessories she endorses on TV infomercials, HSN and QVC. She’s also smart as she’s selling useful beauty products to the huge market of us aging baby boomers. I do notice that women get pink or white scalps where they have thinning of their hair as they age. An opening hair part line is a very big sign of aging, and women want a quick fix. My eighty year old mom hates her pink scalp and by the way loves Joan Rivers (not for her awful plastic surgery but rather because she finds her funny).

    Hide thinning hair with your hair style

    If you want to hide thinning hair along your part or temples there are hair styles to do it. For one thing, a hair style with bangs can help disguise an opening hair part. Cutting a few side swept bangs also helps to conceal a receding female hair line. Another way to hide a balding wide part is to part the hair differently and tease it up a bit. You’ll notice that many older women wear their hair in up-teased whipped hair dos. The reason is often to hide self-conscious openings in their hair lines. Even women with thick hair can get wide opening parts. A bit of teasing and fluffing, side swept bangs, a strategically placed hair clip or barrettes, and creating a new part where there is less hair loss can all help to hide your thinning hair.

    Hide thinning hair with your hair color

    I don’t generally like gray hair on middle aged women, as I think wearing gray or white hair is aging and should be prolonged as long as possible. As long as you have lustrous hair at mid-life I’d recommend keeping it dyed to look younger than your age. Yet after the age of around sixty, there does come a point where it can make sense to go gray or white or light. The point at which it makes sense is when you start to have substantial pink shiny scalp showing on your head due to thinning hair and hair loss. If hair is sparse then short of wearing a wig, white or gray hair is not so bad. The reason is that it blends in better to the scalp than would dark hair with blatant thinning and bald spots. It’s age appropriate at that point, and the lightness tends to blend in best with the shiny pink scalp. You don’t want to showcase your thinning hair growth.

    Joan Rivers Great Hair Day

    You can work your hair style and your hair color to conceal hair loss to a certain extent. But if your hair is just not growing in thick enough at the roots to work with, Joan River’s Hair shadow is a pretty cool concept. Thinning hair and pink shiny scalps caused from not as many hairs growing in anymore can be a nightmare for older women. There is a greater distance between each hair on the head and the scalp shows through.

    Joan Rivers recently came out with her scalp makeup product called Great Hair Day. The product is a thick/oily makeup powder that comes in five different color shades that is specifically for covering a thinning part. The product claims “1 2 3” put it on and you don’t see scalp anymore. You just swish it on with the makeup brush that comes with it. The hair makeup comes in five different colors light blond, blond, red, brunette, and salt and pepper. It’s fast easy, waterproof and sweat-proof.

    Great hair day beauty product reviews

    I actually think it is a really cute idea. I read over 750 customer reviews of this hair shadow product and the reviews are overall positive, exceeding four of five stars. The customers loved the idea of filling in for thinning hair in a color that stays on the scalp until your next hair washing and eliminates the tell-tale shiny spots of an exposed aging scalp and hair line. Great hair day will make signs of thinning hair at the scalp be reduced and your hair will seem thicker and fuller at the roots.

    Great hair day best colors of the five fill-in shades

    From the pictures, the scalp makeup in essence makes you look like you have dark roots. It darkens the roots. So instead of having a light white look along your scalp line or part, you look like you have darker roots growing in. From the photos the coverage works best for dark haired women. The dark fill-in color blends in and you can’t tell it is there. For light brown, blond and salt and pepper women the fill in powder was less likely to be a perfect color match to their hair.

    I never thought that dark roots would be a good thing. But when it comes to hiding aging hair parts, darker roots made from using the hair makeup can help. Women who tried the light blonde shade stated that it really didn’t seem to cover the scalp very well. When they tried the darker blonde shade, they got better coverage, though it gave them the look of having dark roots growing in if they were blonde. The white scalp gets covered nicely in exchange for the illusion that you let your hair grow out to much and are overdue for a root touchup. Women with shades of blondes and light browns were harder to match to the color selections. Dark haired women got a more perfect color match when they used the hair makeup.

    I read 756 reviews of Joan Rivers Great Hair Day and I’d say women did like it. Most complained about the color matching their thinning hair color. I personally think this product is expensive as it can be duped with a pressed powder or eye shadow makeup. The price of near thirty dollars for a compact with a makeup brush is honestly way too high. That being said, it’s a good product that solves a common problem older women face.

    Great hair day price, $29.99 plus shipping and handling

    I really like the concept of great hair day. Some women have fairly thick hair yet still experience thinning along the part line. Another common problem is a bald patch at the top back of their head, or on cowlicks. Women also get receding along the temples. If you aren’t going to get hair transplants, there is no effective way to hide the bald spots unless you wear your hair in a concealing style or puffed up in a clip. White spots and exposed pink scalps aren’t flattering and a fill in powder that works as a hair shadow is a good idea for handling patchy bald spots.

    Women tend to get stuck on the idea that what they buy as a beauty product has to be for a certain purpose, and that they have to stick to it’s dedicated use. Watch out because this can cost you money. There are many beauty products that can be used for alternative purposes. You can use a body cream as a face cream if it agrees nicely with your skin. You can use a pressed bronzing makeup as an eye makeup if the color looks natural. You can use a matte eye shadow or brown pressed powder to conceal a pink part-line. If you’re open to the cross use of beauty products and are willing to experiment, you can really save yourself some money.

    Budget cutting alternatives to Great Hair day fill-in powder

    If you want a more affordable way to hide patchy bald spots and hair loss to make hair look fuller at the roots and part than it really is, I say look no further than the drugstore. With all of the powder eye shadows and bronzing powders I am certain you can find a closer match to your root hair color than having to pick the five colors offered by great hair day. With a little experimentation with shadow and a makeup brush, you can conceal your roots just as easily as you can with buying Joan’s product.

    In all of the reviews and articles I’ve read, there was nothing that stated that Joan River’s Hair Shadow had any magical or non-irritating ingredients in it. I therefore contend that you can get the same effect by shopping for a shadow or pressed powder or bronzer color in a shade that compliments your hair color. But you’d have to do the legwork and figure it out. Some women don’t want to deal with inventions and if they are looking for thinning part makeup then they want to buy … thinning part makeup. If you’re too busy to experiment, then buying the product made and marketed for a specific purpose is a matter of convenience. But you often pay more for it.

    For an discount alternative, try Physician’s Formula eye shadows in Canyon and Nudes and blend with a medium sized drugstore makeup brush to cover your balding part. The eye shadow is way cheaper than Great Hair Day, and since it is specially formulated for sensitive facial skin it won’t itch your scalp like the strong Joan Rivers product may. It won’t feel sticky since Great Hair Day is a bit oily since it is meant to conceal all the way until the next washing. A good eye shadow with nice color pigment won’t fade and will stay on all day. Make sure to pick a matte eye shadow color for a cheaper alternative to Great Hair day. With the right color match, it will work just as well. Buy a separate larger medium sized makeup application brush to apply the powder to your scalp making sure to blend.

    Joan Rivers may have had way too much plastic surgery, but make no mistake, she’s savvy

    Joan Rivers really has cute and novel ideas for mature women’s products. Products specifically catering to older women will soon be a booming market and she is tapping into it. Hair shadow can potentially solve and alleviate sparse hair parts, an embarrassing problem that aging women seriously face.

    I would say that if you try the great hair day fill in powder, take the hair shadow compact to the drugstore with you before it runs out. You can probably find a close dupe color in an inexpensive shadow or pressed powder. If Joan’s shade was slightly off, you can fine tune the shade by looking for a shadow or pressed powder color slightly lighter or darker as needed. Remember not to buy shadows or compacts with sparkles or glitter in it – you need a flat matte color.

    Honestly speaking, there is nothing magical in the Joan Rivers hair shadow product. But Great Hair Day certainly is a handy beauty product idea for hiding exposed parts that show obvious hair thinning. This product could really be useful for women who suffered hair loss and hair thinning from chemotherapy treatments. Hair grows back differently after chemo, often leaving gaping hair parts and more space between each hair strand on the head. Even though Joan Rivers has gone way over the top with all of her plastic surgery, her personality still rocks and she’s getting rich selling products that actually do cater to the mature woman’s needs.

    Plastic surgery gone bad or not, Joan Rivers is funny and she’s smart. She definitely rocks the mature beauty with her cosmetic products that are geared towards aging women. As for her face lifts, ahem, she looks like her skin is pulled really tight :-)!

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