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    Affordable laser hair removal. Though prices of laser hair removal is high, laser hair removal appointments can be cost effective when done infrequently and spread out over time. Find out about a few laser hair removal advantages, disadvantages and tips for saving on the pricing and frequency of laser hair removal treatments. Leg laser hair removal is worth the cost!

    Laser hair removal and other methods of getting rid of unwanted body hair while keeping your money by cutting costs

    Are you considering laser hair removal?  Having hairy legs can be a major embarrassment and problem for many women.  Should you wax, shave, nair or get laser hair removal treatment to get rid of unwanted, unfeminine hair?  Women spend countless dollars on the various hair removal methods.  Silky smooth legs are the envy of women, and some women wonder how others have smooth legs while they are left with imperfect stubble.  Here is my top secret beauty advice for how to deal with the hair.

    I should also mention that hair growth is rather cyclic and can increase or decrease along with your homones. You might notice a marked increase in body hair during pregnancy for example. Some women find that being on the birth control pill or menopause hormones both affect the level of their annoying hair growth. Age can also play a role. I’ve seen a few elderly and not so elderly women with some very course hair coming out of their lips/moustache area, side burns, chests, and yes some women even have hair nipples not to mention happy trail hair (below the belly button) and bikini line hair. Hair is definitely a problem and women would do anything and spend anything just to get rid of it. Let’s not get carried away on body hair and where it grows just yet and we will stay focused on just the legs and thighs for this blog post. Let’s look at the hair removal options available to us. I consider a combination of periodic laser hair removal treatments coupled with daily razer to be the most cost and time effective hair removal plan.

    Waxing unwanted body hair. Waxing is a somewhat tedius money pit that never really effectively solves the problem but it gets you smooth for a month or two

    Waxing is a method of temporary hair removal which removes the hair from the root.  New hairs will grow back in the waxed area two to eight weeks after the wax.  Many women like waxing because it leaves a smooth surface until the hair grows back.  They also can go into a salon and get it done quickly then not have to worry about the hair for about a month.  Many women put waxing on their regular circuit of beauty treatments.  If you get waxed at the local beauty salon you may have to wait your turn, you definitely have to pay for the waxing, and you have to consider the tips that you give the waxing estheticians. If you are doing a quick mustache and eyebrow wax it’s one thing, if you’re getting brazilian bikini wax, with legs and thighs, plan on spending a pretty penny on wax jobs regularly. If you’re really hairy (like hirusius level) plan on waxing every 4-6 weeks.


    I actually think that waxing is a bad financial investment.  The hair never really goes away and you are committed to always revisiting the salon.  You can buy at home wax treatments to save money but even those can be quite expensive and also messy.  It might be practical for a quick upper lip hair removal but not for your whole entire thighs and legs.  I have heard claims that leg waxing for years reduces hair growth however I don’t really believe that at all.  Waxing is pretty much just a temporary solution.

    At home hair removal with Nair or Veet. This stuff smells and irritates but for legs that seldomly come out of hiding, it’s cheap

    I think Nair works fine for say teenagers who want to remove hair but are not yet ready to shave.  But, for adult women, I just think it is rather tedious to have to do Nair and if you have hair literally all over your legs it is going to be quite messy and a lot of work to keep it up over the long run.  If I had to choose between waxing and Nair I would actually be forced to choose Nair at home because it is cheaper than waxing at a salon however both methods of hair removal are basically insufficient if you have a lot of course dark hair in my opinion.  The only way Nair would work well is if you have light blond fair body hair that a laser is totally ineffective on.  If you have blond body hair this hair removal method can work adequately for cleaning up during swimsuit season.   The creams can be smelly and irritating to the skin so be careful not to leave it on too long or you might get a bad rash or allergic reaction.

    Shaving body hair with a Razor. It works and becomes part of your every day routine but isen’t it incredible just how fast the stubble returns!

    Razor is great but only in conjunction with laser hair removal.  If you don’t do any hair removal at all and use just a daily razor, your resulting legs will look and feel like awful harsh pimply stubble.  You’ll have to shave constantly and you will have problems with ingrown hairs and overnight stubble.  If you have a problem with too much hair you will find yourself irritating your skin and then you will have to pay for shaving creams and fancier ladies razors that don’t scratch your legs. Shaving alone as a method of hair removal really only works if your hair situation is mild. For super hairy women, you need to take more drastic measures like get some lasor hair removal treatments to cut the hair down to shavable amount. You won’t want your man feeling your skin either as it won’t be smooth.  If you have dark course hair, I recommend periodic laser hair removal coupled with regular shaving with a razor as daily upkeep.

    Laser hair removal. Laser hair removal is very effective, cost of laser treatment is high, many repeat treatments are normally needed

    Laser hair removal is fantastic yet expensive.  The treatment is very painful and requires a numbing cream like EMLA put on prior in order for it to be tolerable.  Lasers work great if you have lighter skin and dark course hairs.  The problem is that the treatments are so expensive.  This is the most effective method for sure in terms of long term removal.  However even this method of hair removal is not permanent as any change in your hormones from pregnancy, menopause, etc, can bring back on new hair growth.  Believe it, that laser is effective in drastically reducing the hair.  When the hair grows back it grows back with less intensity too, so it reduces the stubble problem that ladies have.


    The problem is that women expect the hair to disappear for ever more, they don’t realize just how very expensive and how many laser treatments are required to really get rid of the hair.  So they get disappointed.  And if you pay for tons of treatments in one year for example, spending thousands of dollars, then if it comes back you will be quite upset!

    My hybrid Laser/Razor Recommendation for the removal of hair. You’re already used to shaving, laser cuts down the stubble and regrowth. Occasional laser with daily razor is the perfect hair removal combo plan. Get rid of the unwanted hair!

    I recommend that you get laser hair removal a few times initially and thereafter only once or twice a year as regular maintenance to gradually and systematically reduce overall hair growth over time.  In conjunction with a once yearly, or bi-annual laser treatment appt, you can shave your legs regularly with an inexpensive drugstore bic type razor on top of that to get rid of whatever hair still comes in.  This is definitely the way to go.  By spreading the laser hair removal treatments out, you are attacking the hair at various points in time covering all the bases of your ever changing hormones as you age.  This way you also aren’t spending too much money all at once only to see hair come back later.  But you are getting the benefits of consistent removal and reduced stubble. 


    You’ll see that if you get periodic laser hair removal treatments on your legs, that when shaving daily with a razor, your legs will be significantly smoother.  You will have very little stubble or bumps.  Because the leg laser hair removal treatment is very painful and expensive, you only want to have to do them once or twice a year at most.  Think of it as a long term project.  You will see that as time goes on, your hair will be reduced, shaving will be quick and easy, and your legs will be smooth and silky.  One last benefit of getting a few lasor hair removal treatments is that you will save money buying ladies razors and ladies shaving cream products. Ladies shaving razors can get expensive, especially if you buy the fancy ergonomic style razors with switch out blades that you have to replace. With less hair, you can usually get away with those cheap unisex generic razors or Bic razers. You can buy Bic razers or other generic brand razers inexpensively at the market, drugstore or places like Target Wal-Mart or Cosco. Bic comes in packages and you can get half a dozen or a dozen rasors for less than five dollars. If your hair production is cut back from periodic (say bi-annual if you want to save on the cost of lazer hair reduction treatments) lazer treatments, then you can get away with a very inexpensive disposable razer and you may be able to skip the shaving cream all together because you are only going to need a light quick shave to get rid of the hair now.


    A Biannual or annual laser hair removal treatment, combined with daily shaving using a low cost disposable shaving razor, is a far better and a more economical long lasting solution than continuously paying for the leg waxing.  That’s my expert beauty advice on how to deal with hairy legs!

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    Let’s compare hair removal methods from laser hair removal, to leg waxing, to ladies razors to Nair. Which hair removal method is right for you? Look younger with hair free legs...

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