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    Help! Unwanted body hair! Top ten hair removal horror stories and practical cost effective hair removal solutions for women

    Being humiliated due to embarrassing body hair such as facial hair is no laughing matter for women. Many women have embarrassing hair on their face and/or body and don’t know what to do about it. Excess hair is often called hirsutism and plagues women in varying degrees. Hairiness can be caused by a variety of factors ranging from genetics to women’s hormone levels, to changes in the diet, pregnancy and menopause. For fun let’s go over some of the most embarrassing body hair insults we have ever heard and suggest practical and cost effective hair removal solutions to solve these hairy scary problems!

    Help! My husband says my rear end is hairy and it is dark hair. Hair on buttocks!

    This woman has body hair on her rear end. She tried to wax it, shave it, and use things like NAIR but these things made her break out which is more embarrassing. She wonders if there is anything else she can do without having to pay a lot of money.

    I’ve seen women with hair like this – sometimes they get it on their lower back. If the lower back hair is pretty thick and visible, then this woman’s best option in my opinion is to pay for several laser hair removal sessions to cut down on the amount of hair on her rump. Because she has dark hair, she has the option of bleaching remaining hair with over the counter bleach (such as Jolene bleach which some women also use to bleach their mustaches), waxing incoming hair at the salon or with at home waxing strips, using nair or another hair removal foam or simply shaving it off. If her laser hair removal sessions are effective, then incoming hair should be far less substantial than what was there originally and she should be able to get away with shaving it until she can save up more money for another laser hair removal session.

    Bleaching and waxing costs can add up and is non-permanent, which is why saving money for the laser hair removal sessions is her most cost effective option. Electrolysis does not make sense for hair on the back or butt unless the hair is relatively sparse (like chin hair). When hair is really thick, using a razor can leave bad stubble and problems like ingrown hairs. Sometimes, just a few laser treatments can cut the volume down enough so that what does come in can be shaved away in the shower without stubble problems. Thinning down the re growth of hair with a few laser hair removal treatments can really help cut down on the prickly stubble making simple shaving more effective.

    Hairy neck to where you are embarrassed to wear a pony tail

    A quite similar situation to women who have hair on their lower back is when women have hair on the nape of their neck extending down from their hair line. This can make wearing their hair up in a pony tail extremely embarrassing. Because their tends to be a high volume of hair in these situations, I definitely recommend getting a few laser hair removal treatments. You would be surprised at how three or four laser sessions can cut down the volume, courseness and thickness of the regrowth. Once you have the hair under control, you might be able to shave it periodically, or you can clean it up with wax strips while the rest of your hair is safely up in a bun.

    If you like the result from laser hair removal then have patience and save up for money for another laser treatment. Laser hair removal does not work over night. It does work to reduce the hair but takes many sessions, usually over an extended period of time. You need to catch the hair in all the stages of growth and this requires ongoing visits. Once you have the situation under control, you can go back for laser touchup appointments every few years and flick anything popping up off with a quick razer pass while your hair is up out of the way.

    My husband said he didn’t want to be married to a women who had more facial hair than he did!

    This woman was getting a separation from her husband. Her husband knew she had a problem with stray facial hair on her cheeks, neck and chin. He made this statement to insult and humiliate her, causing their divorce to become a reality! Just think about it, if she would have gotten electrolysis, maybe she would still be married LOL.

    If hair is sparse, long course hair sprouting in bizarre places like scattered around the checks chin and neck, then I think electrolysis sessions would be an effective treatment. If on the other hand the hair is blanketed all over the area (like as you would see on legs or arm pits) then a laser would be effective. For sparse pesky hairs (such as ones that come out of moles, etc) I like electrolysis. Electrolysis can get into the root follicle and once treated that hair won’t come back again. There are also hair reducing creams on the market such as Vaniqua that some women use to try to minimize hair growth however I don’t recommend hair reducing creams quite as much because as soon as you discontinue use of the cream the hair returns. What good is a hair removal treatment where you pay a lot of money yet hair comes back to you in the long run? Creams cost money too- so it might be better to move towards more permanent solutions like laser or electrolysis.

    Help I am a woman with a female moustache and I have a shave shadow!

    Most women with hair above the upper lip get into a waxing routine. They generally stop by the salon about once a month for a waxing of the upper lip. Many ladies that have hair in that location also get their eyebrows waxed. When you put the two salon services together, the price is not unreasonable. If you are lucky you could pay twenty dollars for a combination upper lip waxing and eyebrow waxing/shaping.

    The reason waxing is the preference is that it pulls the hair out from a deeper point and seems to give a smoother result than shaving. Shaving your upper lip if you are really hairy is not a good idea since you will get a hair shadow hinting that hair is coming back in addition to severe stubble. There is a solution though. You could undergo electrolysis treatment appointments for a few years which will drastically reduce most of that hair permanently. Then shaving the remaining few hairs that straggles back is not a problem. The drawback is that you will have to endure many painful electrolysis sessions which can cost as much as fifty dollars each time.

    Another solution is to start getting a lazer hair removal on that moustache periodically. Over the course of around six treatments you will notice your hair not coming in nearly as bad. Once you lighten the hair volume you can shave the rest off without getting unsightly stubble. Of course hair removal is expensive but it does work if you follow through with a series of appointments over time.

    The best thing is to learn how to shape your own brows and get your lip hair drastically reduced with laser hair removal. If you can learn to wax your moustache on your own and tweeze and shape your own eyebrows too, you really can save money in the long run. Some women however, just can’t shape their eyebrows right. If you have to get your eyebrows shaped professionally, its usually not too much more costly to throw in a quick lip waxing in to the appointment.

    Someone said Ewww Look! Your have cleavage and chest hair! I was mortified

    Chest hair is usually pretty sparse and scattered. A few painful electrolysis treatments can get it under control. You will need to get a prescription for some EMLA or numbing cream as this is a very painful place for hair removal – the bone is directly under the skin. Plan for it to hurt yet if you are a woman with chest hair trust me the pain is worth it. That’s hideous and you should pool your beauty money together to vanquish it.

    I wore sandals and my date told me I had long hairy toes!

    Similar to sparse chest hair, this toe hair can be sparse and electrolysis can be a good solution. If you are also getting laser hair removal on your legs, you can ask them to hit your toe hairs too. The laser treatments may get rid of some of it and since you’re getting it on your legs it really doesn’t cost you anything to ask the esthetician or dermatologist to hit your toes hairs while she is at it. If you aren’t getting laser treatments on your legs, you may want to go for electrolysis. For sparse long scattered hair, it would work effectively.

    My bridge club friends teased me and said I had a uni-brow

    A unibrow refers to hairy eyebrows particularly when you have hair in between the two eye brows making them look almost connected. This must be cleaned up as polished eyebrows frame the face and should be neat and pretty. Most women with uni-brow’s and mustaches tend to hop on the hair waxing band wagon. I have friends who just make waxing part of their hair/nail/beauty salon routines and they just pay for it. The cost is really pretty nominal, sometimes you can get a quick lip waxing and eyebrow shaping including tip for say twenty dollars. It’s really not too expensive and it does clean things up. I personally would rather get on the laser or electrolysis bandwagon only for the reason that hair gets permanently reduced. But some women just can’t tolerate it. Electrolysis on the upper lip really hurts a lot and if you have a fair amount of hair it would take going to the appointments over and over to actually make headway (which is why ladies wax at the beauty salon more often).

    If you’ve already treated mustache hair with laser or electrolysis in the past, and you have just a few course hairs sprouting (crazy old lady long hairs), then electrolysis can wipe out those hairs. But if you have a full blanket then starting in on electrolysis is a long course. You might want to consider getting laser treatments on the lip hair. It may not get rid of all of it, but if you get the laser treatments the amount of hair will be reduced and the hair regrowth shadow will be less severe. With some laser treatments, you may even be able to use at home quick wax strips to wisk away incoming hair or even a flick of the razor. The point is, laser treatments can reduce the hair to where you have other options at home to handle the rest. You might be able to extricate yourself from the regular waxing appointments at the beauty salon.

    Many women with moustache hair also have unibrow. Uni-brow is where you have a significant amount of hair between your two eye brows, essentially joining them together into one so called unibrow. Many women get their inner eyebrows waxed because they are averse to tweezing. They might also be beauty dysfunctional when it comes to shaping their own eyebrows. This type of women needs to get the eyebrow waxed and cleaned up into shape because they aren’t good tweezers. For this type of women, she usually gets her lip waxing thrown into the salon price. So I will say, for a woman that likes professional eyebrow waxing/shaping, then getting the lip wax thrown in is not much more if anything. She’s in a routine and that can work well for her. I will say though that if you get sick and tired of waxings you may want to learn how to shape your eyebrow arch yourself, and look into laser hair removal for upper lip and in between the two eyebrows.

    I have a bellybutton to bikini line happy trail of hair

    If you have a happy trail, then the odds are sky high you are a hairy woman elsewhere like on your legs, thighs and bikini areas. Once you are sky hair in hairiness, laser hair removal treatments becomes the treatment of choice. Get into a routine of getting the treatments. When you are getting other areas done (like legs or thighs) try to cajole a few free zaps into that happy trail. If you are getting hair removal on your bikini line, it usually includes the happy trail and legs around the thighs near your crotch and panty line.

    Hairy areolas. My nipples are hairy and it’s gross

    That is gross, and you need to get rid of it. Hair on the nipples tends to be pretty soft, so a flick of the razor may be all that you need. Otherwise, have the nipple hairs treated either by laser or electrolysis, depending on what you prefer. Things like hairy nipples are ancillary and you can often get them treated as freebies when you go for other hair removal treatments. Chest and nipple hair is unfeminine and I recommend getting rid of it at high beauty priority. Even if no one is presently enjoying your chest, it will make you feel better when dressing and wearing a swimsuit if that type of hair is long gone.

    Hairy bikini line! A humiliating, hairy and wild bikini bush

    I will definitely do some serious posts on bikini hair handling and bikini hair removal. If you have a very hairy bikini line to the point where hair is working its way out of your panties, then you should invest in some lazer hair removal sessions to get the hair situation under control. If you have a reasonable amount of hair, but it just needs to be neatened up, then waxing can do the job and give you a cleaned up look. If you don’t have a boyfriend and can get by with a little stubble, then shaving would be your cheapest option. I will post more about bikini line hair removal.

    The one thing I will say now though is that I do not think complete brazilian bikini hair style (getting rid of all the hair) looks that good on an older lady. I would opt for a cleaned up triangle or landing strip on top, and no hair below that. You need some hair as an older women otherwise you are going to look ridiculous. I am friendly with a hair removal specialist (a former nurse) who told me that when women try to get her to laser remove 100% of their bikini hair she tries to talk them out of it because it looks awful. A neat and trim patch of pubic hair up top with all clear down below is more womanly.

    Get rid of that unwanted body hair one way or another ladies!

    Hair removal is one of those beauty problems that women face and of all the ways to spend money on ones looks, removing unsightly hair would fall at the top of my beauty priority list! If you have been reading my beauty posts on body hair, you will know that I personally think the best way to deal with all over body hair (such as on the legs or thighs) is with a combination of periodic laser hair removal appointments combined with daily shaving using in inexpensive ladies razor. For sparse course hairs such as those you would find on the chin, I recommend electrolysis as a method of removal. Some women get used to getting waxed on a regular basis, so of course waxing is a reasonable alternative to lasers and electrolysis if you are the type of woman that has the patience to make the wax appointments and it becomes part of your beauty routine.

    People can be pretty ruthless about unsightly body hair which is utterly unfeminine. Excessive body hair on ladies is not a laughing matter whatsoever. In this post I probably failed miserably LOL in making you laugh about body hair, while hopefully offering some practical solutions for methodically getting rid of the hair problem. Magazine models are perfect and hairless yet real women in real life struggle with body hair sprouting in the weirdest places! If you are hairy, trust me YOU ARE NOT ALONE IN YOUR HAIRINESS.

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    Hairiness is a problem women face! Make removal of unsightly body hair a beauty priority. Try laser hair removal treatment, electrolysis appts, salon or home waxing as a solution!

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