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    Permanent Lip Augmentation

    Surgisil lip implants (Permalip) are the latest in the line up of permanent lip implants. Some women start getting injections of Juvederm or Restylane. At a price point of around $400.00, these lip injections can really hit the pocket book. If a woman is getting filler in her facial lines such as those in the nasal folds as well, then she could be paying up to $600.00 for some filler that is essentially going to dissipate within six months. Granted, a woman who wants lip filler will probably cut back and shave costs on other beauty expenses. But it is still a big chunk of money to spend on beauty. In comes the permanent implant Permalip as a one time solution to lip plumping. Sounds perfect right? Keep reading…

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    Gore tex, alloderm, silicon drops, and now the latest permanent lip augmentation is surgisil. Are potential complications of implants gone wrong worth the filler money you'll save?

    Permanent lip implants are appealing for financial reasons because they’ll stay

    After a few years of paying for injections, I would have to say any sane woman would start to look for alternatives. If she is in love with her plumped up lips, she’ll want permanent alternatives. In comes the permanent lip implants. First there was goretex, silicon micro-drops, alloderm, and now the latest, surgisil. I actually think that the concept of permanent lip enhancement is great, because it takes away that ongoing payment you’ll make for lip fillers. Do you know how much money you can save just by quitting the lip plumping habit? A lot! If you pay $400 for your lips every six months that adds to $800 yearly you could be saving in beauty procedures. You can get permanent lip implants for less than five grand, assuming they turn out ok. Think of the accrual if you put that money into a savings account. You could retire by foregoing those lips!

    The reason that permanent implants are risky

    Now I have put together some photos of thinner lips and plumped up lips in the example here. I am not saying for 100% certain those plumped lips are implants (they might just be filled with a lot of Restylane). Only the owners of those lips know the truth. I show these pictures because they do illustrate nicely some of the common pitfalls you could run up against with permanent lip enhancement.

    Permanent lip implant complication: Drooping

    I have noticed that some women with over plumped lips get the unsightly drooping effect. I see it on the right and left sides of the bottom part of the top lip. They hang down and look totally unnatural. I also notice it on the lower lip. Most women have decent sized lower lips anyways. So if you over inflate them, the bottom of the lower lip can start to droop. The drooping actually creates an aging effect in my opinion.

    Permanent lip implant complication: Double lip

    If you get a smaller implant and try to be more conservative, sometimes it might be too close to the skin surface. You can see the thin implant spanning the lip and then the old lip hangs down. Now you have two lips. I’ve seen Nicole Kidman slammed by some of the celebrity web sites for having this double lipped effect. They accuse her of implants but who knows if she has them or not. I think Kidman is pretty but she gets mercilessly teased for her lips and having a frozen alabaster Botox face in the gossip media.

    Permanent lip implant complication: Loss of cupid’s bow

    The cupids bow is that cute dip in the front top lip that makes you look youthful. With these lip implants they tend to fatten the lip straight across the top like tubes. The natural cupid bow dip gets wrecked and that can make the woman look older instead of younger.

    Permanent lip implant complication: Obvious ridge line

    If you get a really big implant then from the side view you can get a ridge line on the skin. Basically, the skin is rising by too many degrees to get over the implant creating an obvious sharp angle before going up over the implant. It looks unnatural and you can see (especially in a profile view) the abrupt change. The implant needs to be small enough so that the skin can curve up over it and still look natural.

    Permanent lip implant complication: Loss of lip edge

    Women have this cute lip edge, like where the lip liner gets put on when you do makeup. Usually it’s pretty well defined on a natural pair of lips and the lip line is a sexy part of your lip’s look. If you put a giant lip implant too close under that then that sharp lip edge gets blurred and too rounded out. You can no longer see the natural lip line or delineation where the lip stops and the face starts.

    Permanent lip implant complication: Nodules and lumps

    Supposedly silicon injections can leave the hairy scary nodules and lumps but something like surgisil is not immune. The problem is where the skin heals around the edge of the implants. Especially at the corners of the mouth, scarring can create a little hard scar nodule. This can look and feel like a visible lump on your lips (not good).

    Permanent lip implant complication: Asymmetry

    Asymmetry either in the way the implant was inserted in the first place, or as a result of how your skin chose to heal and react differently around the span of the implant is also a possible complication. Let’s say the implant is deeper placed on one side and closer up to the skin on the other side inadvertently. The visual result could look asymmetrical. Since your lips are a critical part of your face any asymmetry would be pretty obvious.

    Permanent lip implant complication: Over blown lips

    Natural lips tend to develop some wrinkles in them as you age. If your lips are inflated too much, you will see zero natural wrinkles left. They are over blown to the max. This stuffed stretched look is a dead give away that lips are fake. Some natural wrinkles are needed to keep it real. Remember that the goal is to look naturally beautiful. Over-stuffed wrinkle free lips look suspiciously plastic and when thrown on an old face is not going to make a woman pretty. Natural lips with a little help from plumping on the other hand, can restore or create a new youthful look.

    Surgical removal

    The complications above just consider the cosmetic complications that they don’t look nice. Obvious there are other complications such as infection or a reaction to the twilight anesthesia. I’ve even heard of nerve damage and paralysis. Though such serious a complication may be rare it could happen. In those cases the lip implants would have to come out. Now I have read these claims that the lip implants can be removed. Well duh, they can be removed. But that’s not some simple surgery. It would be another surgery, and then you would have to be opened up again. You could potentially be very unhappy with the way your lips look when the implant comes out too. Permanent lip implants are permanent, and you would not want to have to take them out if you could avoid it. That is why I would spend a lot of time figuring out if you really want these things.

    Should you get permanent lip implants?

    Personally I think permanent lip implants are a bit scary. I would only consider them after a few years of experimenting with fillers. At least you could see what your lips look like plumped and you could know how plump you actually want them. The fillers let you try it out. Permanent implants would be right for a woman who is downright determined to have plush lips and utterly unwilling to continue paying for the injections. I would consider it for financial reasons only, quite frankly. I would be really careful in researching doctors and checking out the number of these operations they do and look at pictures of their results. Notice I say their results, not just results in general. Look at the before and after pictures of women they have personally peformed this surgical procedure on.

    The biggest problem is that the women who go for this surgery tend to be way too into Angelina Jolie lips and they end up looking ridiculous because their new lips are unshapely fake sausages. Implants are far more likely to look huge and straight across than fillers which can be easily controlled by how much is injected. Lips like tubes make you look older instead of younger. I would say that a woman should research very, very carefully before doing permanent lip enhancement. For some women who have the nerves of steel to do it, I hear about them being happy with the permanent results. I would get conservative small sized implants and forego the humongous lips. The surgisil implants do come in different sizes small, medium, large. Humongous lips on the face of an older women are really obviously fake and will actually age you. Word to the wise: you can get dysmorphic on this crazy lip stuff and think your lips look great not knowing that you really look absurd. It happens to celebrities all the time.

    Youthful looking lips

    The photos at left show lips that look youthful. One of the characteristics of these lips is that they do not look over done or surgery-ized. Big plump lips aren’t the only lips that look youthful – cute lips look youthful too. Cute lips have a natural shape and cupids bow to them. Another thing to notice is that nice white teeth contribute to the youthful look of the lips too. In my opinion, the rounded teeth at upper left look totally natural and combined with the cupids bow and relatively normal sized lips, her mouth looks very young. Keep in mind that if you are trying to look younger you do not need these huge lips to do it. Cute normal sized lips with a nice white smile and natural looking teeth can make you look very young. If you are considering implants, you may want to go with a more conservative size implant (or fillers) which is going to look more natural.

    I added the picture of a model at center bottom in the photo with near perfect lips. If I had to guess I would say that the perfect lips aren’t implants. She probably just has sexy lips and maybe filled them a little bit. They still have a natural shape, cupids bow, aren’t perfect, and look good. That would be the sort of result to go after. If you got lip implants and looked like that, it may not be half bad.

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