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    Is walking enough to get you into good enough shape to wear a bikini? Nope – so add strength training to kick it up a notch

    If you want that Beverly Hills bikini body you will have to add some strengh training to your walking, but it’s really not as hard as you think to do this – keep reading! Walking is definitely a good start for women trying to get fit. A good way to view walking is that even the smallest step is a big step for some women looking to jumpstart their fitness routine. It all starts with walking. First it is a little short walk, and eventually you are trekking through the hills and following a reduced calorie diet. Pretty soon, you are raising the incline on the treadmill by 10% and walking even more briskly. But eventually, no matter how much walking you do, you will realize that you need to add some resistance training in the fray in order to tone up. Walking alone won’t get you the hard celebrity bikini body that you might want after forty.

    How to utilize walking as your mainstay exercise. You will never get out of shape if you do this!

    Here is how I view walking. Walking is the thing I do when I don’t feel like exercising. When I am burned out on exercise, or procrastinating, I try to take a quick walk. When I haven’t been exercising for a while, I try to walk. When I am too lazy to go to the gym, I try to take a walk. Whenever I want to wiggle out of working out at the gym is where walking comes in. Walking is the backup exercise plan that should not be eliminated no matter how lazy you get. I find that this type of walking is incredibly useful. No matter how far off my exercise plan I get, I am still usually doing some walking. I never feel like I have totally lost it this way. Walking is the mainstay. It keeps my body in the game. When I get busy with other things in life, I can still squeeze in a quick walk a few days a week at least.

    Use walking to reduce stress. It helps mentally to know that you are doing some form of exercise no matter how minimal it seems

    I also use walking to reduce stress. Sometimes I listen to my Ipod. Often times, I will just take a walk up to the drugstore or into town to run an errand. I usually walk alone and just zone out but some women like to walk their pet or go on a walk with a friend. There are definitely periods where I have little workout motivation but since I still keep walking, I never really get that out of shape. It’s when you stop all forms of exercise that it becomes very difficult to get back into your workout routine. The idea is to be doing some little modicum of exercise consistently, and walking is perfect for that!

    Use walking to ease into working out again. Forget about all or nothing – walking is the in between state of being

    Women can get really out of shape if they work out too hard and burn out on it. For example, if you were doing a long yoga class and then fell out of it, it can be really hard to get the motivation back for a whole class involving a sweaty workout. You have to realize that it’s not all or nothing. Walking should be the in-between exercise that you do when feeling lazy, instead of doing nothing and procrastinating. It is important to stay in the game and walking helps tremendously with this.

    After a busy period when you have blown off the gym and your exercise pattern, it can become extremely resistant to get yourself back into it. If you are trying to pick up the workout pieces, whether it be after the holidays or after having gone way off your diet, or even after having a baby, walking is the perfect way to get back into the exercise groove. Another good thing about walking is that it is an exercise that many people can do after coming back from an injury. Some people with back injury can’t walk, but for the most part, if your doctor says it is okay, most people can walk as a first form of exercise after recovering from an injury. In fact, when elderly people break a hip or bones, they almost always have to do intensive physical therapy and walking is always a goal to recovering from an injury or broken bone when you are a more senior citizen.

    For a bikini body, you start building muscle with weight training and add that in to your walking routine!

    If you look at many people who walk regularly, you will notice that while they are taking care of their cardiovascular health they really aren’t building stronger bones or increasing their muscle mass as they age. You don’t want to just be skin and bones. You need a round athletic toned body to wear a bikini and look shapely in it. Walking alone is not going to get you into toned bikini shape. Especially as you age, a merely thin body can look skeletal. Getting some athletic shape is a really important component of anti-aging and making your body look younger than it’s actual age. Dieting and going from a plus size down to a skinny bones is not enough. The way you get the athletic and toned bikini body shape is to maintain and increase your muscle mass. That is going to in turn increase your metabolism, help stop bone loss, increase your shape, reduce osteoporosis, and (ding, ding, ding) get you into the bikini.

    You don’t have to be a so called body builder to get your weight training in

    Weight training does not have to be difficult. You don’t need a personal trainer and you don’t need to do the free weights and strain yourself. Weight training can be as simple and easy as doing a few nautilus machines at the gym a few times a week. Even with the weights set to low levels, the resistance training that you get is something that you can’t get just from walking alone. You push against the weight and build up some muscle tone in targeted areas of your body. The result is that you build muscles, burn more calories, and your body gets firmed up. Building up a bit of muscle tone through nautilus is a great way to conceal your cellulite too. With some toning your body will appear more muscular and athletic and cellulite jiggle will be substantially minimized and disguised.

    Nautilus is a fast and easy way for women to get toned for swimsuit season

    There are many ways that you can weight train to build muscle including with hand held weights, pilates, free weights at the gym and by paying for sessions with a personal trainer. You can also get good sculpting even with your own body resistance by doing home videos targeting legs, buttocks and abs. All of these work but the nautilus machines probably provide the simplest way to get the job done, at least in my opinion. You don’t have to get that heavily into body building at all. Just some simple muscle building exercises a few times a week added to walking as a mainstay form of exercise can really change the way your body looks. Get toned up so you can get into that bikini. You will lose body fat, conceal cellulite, and get nicer abs from the results of strength training.

    Often times as a gym member you can get the gym trainers to give you free instruction on the machines and they will teach you the safe use of them and how to adjust the weights and seating positions. Remember to always get proper instruction on any fitness equipment you touch as your safety is paramount! If you are inexperienced at the gym you need to adopt a workout that is easy and completely safe for you. There are also universal home gyms that you can purchase such as Body by Jake that get you a variety of resistance and muscle building exercises all in one machine along with accompanying instructions. I personally like the gym best. Use walking as your mainstay exercise and backup plan when you feel lazy. Add some nautilus to that and pretty soon you will be a perfect 10 in your bikini ala Cindy Crawford, Nicolette Sheridan. Go, Go!

    An athletic and toned swimsuit body doesn’t just look sexy, it actually is good for your health!

    Remember that if you look better, leaner and stronger you will feel better about yourself. Exercising consistently as you get older builds your bones and strengthens them, helping to ward off osteoporosis. With more muscles your metabolism is going to burn more calories, Your lung functioning will improve, and you can help regulate sugar and insulin functioning if you have diabetes with regular exercise. A healthy lifestyle that includes walking and some weight training can even reduce your risk for cancers. It all starts with walking regularly (or biking, hiking, tennis, swimming works too) then adding some weight building exercise to that (such as nautilus).

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    Cosmetic plastic surgery face & body, apply makeup, antiaging secrets, wrinkle skincare, sexy clothes, natural beauty, toned fit Shape

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