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    I think I have read enough articles on the Restalyne vs Juvederm comparison. My general consensus is that both are the leading lip fillers on the market right now. Collagen, Using your own fat, Artefill and other lip fill injectables are behind the two front runners in the race against time.

    I think that Restalyne is edging out Juvederm for first place as the most popular with women. I hear about women I know getting Restalyne more than I hear of them getting Juvederm. Women seem to like Restalyne more. Oddly though, doctors seem to like Juvederm more! Seems to the derms and docs think Juvederm is a tad less clumpy and lasts a smidgen longer. Both Juvederm and Restylane are hyaluronic acids that are FDA approved to improve wrinkles around the cheeks and mouth and can help rejuvenate the face.

    I personally am not a big fan of any temporary lip filler as they are costly. They have to be repeated and are not permanent. I also don’t like the fact that women get dysmorphic (carried away) with the big lips and actually defeat the anti-aging purpose with this stuff (looking old with obviously inflated lips). That being said, I won’t deny that lip fillers really are a god send to women who are cursed with ultra thin pursed lips and severe aging around the mouth.

    The difference between inflating and overflating lips

    Actually, aging around the mouth is a tough area to fix and the fillers do fix it temporarily. Women who have serious vertical wrinkled upper lips in particular can be aged years by the angry shrew look around their mouth. Deep grooves around the mouth can also be filled. What I am saying is this. These products are good for inflating deflated grooves in lips and around the face up to surface level. But over inflating above surface level (I call it overflating) for the purpose of creating bigger and bigger lips, is a total waste of money in my opinion. Inflating deep grooves is more justifiable in my mind than overflating for ridiculous angelina plumping purposes is not. Remember, fillers are way expensive! They always say this stuff can last 4-9 months but I’d bank on it being gone after four months.

    Both Juvederm and Restalyne seem to be pretty interchangeable as the difference between the two is minimal. If I were going to do it, I might try both to see what works best for you. Also, Restalyne might be better for facial grooves and Juvederm better for lips (or vice versa). If both seem to work well then go for the best deal costwise. Your doctor might buy the one he likes more (or that he gets a better price on in bulk). If he/she is able to pass that savings on to you, go with that. If you were to get any kind of allergic or adverse reaction then I wouldn’t use this stuff again obviously.

    Think twice before getting sucked in to the cycle of temporary fillers. What happens if you lose your job and suddenly you can’t fill anymore and oops it’s right back to square one. Only go down this road if you have deep wrinkle grooves that are high at the top of your list of aging problems. If it’s the one thing that bothers you most (with regards to your looks) then follow my tips for how to cut custs on other beauty expenses so you can afford the injections.

    Which cosmetic lip filler product do you prefer overall (effectiveness, longevity and price)?

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    Restalyne verses Juvederm conundrum. Both are HA fillers, and both are good products. Discuss the benefits of each with your doctor. Vote on your favorite filler below. Thank U!

    restylane vs juvederm

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