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    Revitol: a review of revitol antiaging products for everything from stretch marks to cellulite to anti wrinkle treatment eye cream

    I recently discovered a natural skin care system for anti-aging called revitol natural skin care. I decided to write some expert reviews for this product line.

    Revitol is an anti-aging skin care brand dedicated to complete anti-aging solutions. Their product line includes eye cream, acnezine acne treatment, cellulite solution, stretch mark prevention, hair removal cream, skin brightener cream and skin exfoliator.

    In this series of articles we will look at the revitol eye cream, revitol stretch mark, revitol hair removal cream, and revitol anti wrinkle treatment products, starting with their eye cream.

    To follow the rest of the reviews on revitol, press the revitol tag below.

    Revitol: are anti wrinkle treatment creams like revitol all hype or worth your money?

    I honestly believe that some of these so called revolutionary skin care systems are a lot of hype. They are just so expensive and I don’t believe that the ingredients cost as much to put into the creams as what you have to pay to buy them. The price of the cream does not always match up to the promises made.

    Some high end creams like revitol do try to combine multiple anti aging skin ingredients into one easy to use product. The companies are trying to incorporate ingredients known to help with anti aging and they are trying to help, albeit make money off the anti-aging hype at the same time.

    I can’t really be negative about a single product like revitol, but I am skeptical about expensive creams in general merely because a cream can only do so much for a women. If they are honest, high end anti wrinkle creams do contain the best skin cream ingredients known to help prevent and ameliorate wrinkles and aging skin problems. But in the end, a cream can only do so much (regardless of the brand).

    Creams that are marketed as anti-aging can cost as much as ten times what you would pay for a competitive cream sold at the drug store. Anytime a little bottle of cream costs 39.99 or more, you have to wonder what you are really paying for. In general, an anti-aging cream is going to cost you more money than something generic. That being said, some of them do contain specialized ingredients. If you check ingredient lists you can often find less expensive variants of skin creams that contain similar ingredients.

    Many women are just too busy to sift through ingredients and try to find a cheap version of an anti wrinkle treatment. They just buy the expensive product line such as revitol, cream de la mer, or one at the department store makeup counter, and hope it works.

    Under eye circles, bags, wrinkles and discolorations

    The Revitol Eye cream claims to help with dark circles around the eyes and puffiness. People always think that dark deep under eye bags are solely from stress and being tired. Yet sometimes these discolorations are caused by broken capillaries that leak out blood that shows up under the skin’s surface. The blood oxidizes under the skin and turns red and blue, almost like a bruise. Because the skin around a woman’s eyes is delicate and thin, the bags and circles can show through. The thinner and more transparent that your skin is, the more obvious a pool of blood is going to look. That is where the dark circles come from. Smoking is known to thin the skin and smokers are notorious for having skin discolorations and wrinkles.

    Revitol Eye Cream

    Anti-aging creams such as revitol claim to help banish under eye dark circles, puffiness and wrinkles. Here are the ingredients that are included their revitol eye cream that purport to help with dark eye circles.

    Niacinmaide, Bisablot, Chrysin, and N-Hydroxycicinimide are the four ingredients of revitol that purport to help eye discolorations. The Niacinamide is a Vitamin B complex that helps the skin retain moisture. Moisture definitely helps because dry cracked skin is going to wrinkle whereas smooth skin will stay supple and soft. Bisablot is an ingredient that comes from Chamomile that soothes and calms irritated skin. The soothing ingredient should help calm down puffiness. Chrysin is a flavonoid that purports to reduce the appearance of skin pigmentation caused by breakdown of hemoglobin, and the N-Hydroxycicinimide also can help reduce the appearance of a pigmentation factor and thus dark circles.

    A cream is just a cream and will only hit the skins surface

    I would say that creams like Revitol that combine multiple ingredients to attack skin aging problems are a convenience. If revitol agrees with your skin and soothes it, then it could be helpful. Most of the ingredients can be found in cheaper products and a combination of separate skin creams, but you would have to be willing to look at ingredient lists and comparison shop.

    Will Revitol Eye Cream work on you?

    If you asked me if Revitol Eye Cream would work as an anti-aging super cream I would have to say in my opinion that it would work no better and no worse than other creams with similar ingredients. It does have ingredients which moisturize the skin, help to reduce swelling, and calm pigmentation. What is nice is that an anti-aging cream such as Revitol combines several ingredients together for you. I tend to use creams separately so for example I would use a body butter for moisturizing, a retinoid cream like Retin-A for wrinkles, a soothing cream like Cortaid for puffy irritation, and a bleaching cream like Hydroquinone for skin pigmentation.

    The Revitol Eye cream tries to combine similarly functional skin care creams all together into one single cream. That is certainly a convenience to be able to use one cream instead of several. My only issue is that these over the counter creams really aren’t strong enough to make a substantial difference in any skin problems. The moisturizing aspect is key but you can get that in any non irritating cream. As for the bags, I do believe they come under the eye skin and a cream in my opinion will not do that much to help it.

    Once the bags and excess skin is there, a cream won’t get rid of it

    Often times, the skin problem that women develop as they age just can’t be fixed by a skin cream. A cream can’t work a miracle and sometimes more drastic penetrating measures are needed. I view the anti wrinkle creams as preventative. More aggresive treatments like chemical peels, laser treatments and cosmetic surgery are curative. The key is that a woman be realistic in her expectations of what a skin cream can do for her. The skin creams (along with sun protection, not smoking, drinking plenty of fluids and following a healthy diet) are the first line of defense.

    If you have relatively fine under eye wrinkles you can look into a chemical peel, which would penetrate further yet still even a peel would not do much to anything other than fine lines at the skin’s surface You could look into laser treatments which can definitely help break up blood vessels broken under the skins surface, however those cannot be used all that close to the eye so it may not help with under eye bags. Lasers penetrate to problems under the skin, rather than at the skin’s top surface and that is why they are a popular treatment for skin discolorations caused from broken capilarries.

    For severe under eye bags, literally no cream will work no matter what the claims are. You would really need plastic surgery to remove excess skin completely. Cosmetic eye surgery can also include excising fat deposits that are sitting under the skin. Obviously removing skin, fat and tightening the area is going to address an under eye bag problem more effectively than a skin cream that is applied only to the surface.

    Skin cream reviews should be read with a dose of skepticism

    A skin cream is only going to get you so far. A cream can’t remove excess skin nor can it really penetrate skin discolorations that are under the skins surface. All a cream can do is moisturize skin to keep it supple, bleach it lighter minimally if it has a bleaching agent, and exfoliate off superficial skin cells if it has a retinoid or peeling ingredient.

    Women should be made aware that many of these skin cream review websites are actually affiliates of skin care systems and the bottom line is that they are often trying to sell you the very product that they are reviewing. Read skin care cream review web sites with skepticism. Try a variety of different anti aging skin creams. When you find one that agrees beautifully with your particular skin, then stick to it.

    Think of skin creams as being more preventative than curative in nature. Use a cream that combines anti-aging ingredients and couple that with a healthy diet, staying well hydrated and avoidance of the sun and sun damage. For discolorations under the skin’s surface look into laser skin treatments which can penetrate deeper. For serious wrinkles and pockets of fat, you’d have to investigate cosmetic surgery. The only way to really address excising substantial excess skin (and removing fat under it) is via a surgeons knife.

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