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    Beauty secrets, makeup tips & tutorials, cosmetics reviews, plastic surgery, fashion and top anti aging Beauty Tips. Free beauty tips for a beautiful face, bikini body shape, diet and fitness plans, salon hair, and the best skin care products. How to apply makeup, natural beauty secrets, Botox, Restylane, lasers, peels, facial fillers, FAQ and cosmetic surgery prices. How to dress sexy. Look ten years younger and feel fabulous like a celebrity in your forties, fifties, sixties, at any age!

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    Look 10 years younger. Hollywood beauty secrets to looking younger and Famous. A polished fresh look anti-ages you. Look like a famous Hollywood star! Choosing the right clothes and makeup that make you look polished yet still naturally beautiful.

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    Look ten years younger not by dressing overly casual, but rather by adopting a polished classic style in vibrant simple colors with natural makeup to enhance your all natural beauty!

    Look ten years younger with these free beauty tips

    Beauty advice articles about how to look younger are popping up everywhere in magazines and on the web lately. The only problem with all of these look younger fashion tips for women is that they seem to be saying that in order to look ten years younger you need to dress more casual and have messy tousled hair. Casual dressing implies that you can’t pull your hair up and go for sophistication with your outfit since it would make you look too mature, it would seem.

    I’d like to clarify this misconception and point out that while I think casual beauty can make a woman look younger, it has nothing to do with dressing like a slob. You can look younger, and look sophisticated at the very same time – the two aren’t mutually exclusive. Keep reading for two style secrets that will not only have you looking 10 years younger, you’ll look like you are famous too!

    Look like you aren’t trying (not the same thing as dressing casual)

    I do not think a mature woman is going to look younger wearing concert shirts or vintage movie t-shirts and loose blue jeans. It may be appropriate for tidying the house in but not for going out. So clearly it’s not about merely dressing casual in order to look younger (won’t work). To illustrate this point I show some celebrity fashion photographs of Megan Fox where she is in casual clothes. In my opinion, super casual fashion as shown in the photographs won’t work on a mature woman over forty whatsoever. It doesn’t look good.

    I am pointing this out only to break the myth that you have to dress casual to look younger. Women who try to dress too youthfully can end up looking ridiculous in my opinion! I’ve shown several examples of fashion don’ts on this web site where I don shirts like leopard prints and suggest that they aren’t flattering on women. That being said, there is something to be said about keeping a few casual elements going to your look. But the casual elements don’t need to be the clothes per se.

    Some women are overly coifed. They have too perfect hair, makeup, clothes, bags, purses and accessories. They are going over the top on all appearance levels, and the overall effect is that they look older than they are. I’m thinking of women like Paris Hilton, Lady Gaga, Ivanna Trump, Joan Collins. Too glitzy of an over the top look, while it can look celebrity like, can have an aging effect on a woman. It looks too charicature like and phony. That’s where the casual elements come into play.

    A more natural soft hair style, or soft makeup, or more understated style, can look more youthful. You do want some casual elements to your look, whether it be achieved with your hair, makeup, or style. It does not however mean you have to dress like a slob. Rather it means that you have to have some natural beauty (not all processed coifed beauty) showing through in order to look naturally younger. Cindy Crawford’s and Jennifer Aniston’s casual fashion style personifies this really well, as does Demi Moore’s and Angelina Jolie’s more sophisticated and sexy fashion style. All four of these women maintain a certain natural beauty essence to them. They wear natural enhancing makeup, softer looking hair, and vibrant sexy clothes that are never too busy or over the top.

    Look like you are polished (this is going to give you the I’m famous look)

    The easiest way to look polished in my opinion is to get the right colored clothes. A lesson in colors is the number one free beauty tip for women. Believe it or not, solid colors are easiest to get that polished look in. While some women can pull off printed T shirts and decorative prints, most cannot. Solid colors that are primary are truly easiest to get that polished supermodel look in. Jewel tones and earth tones look fabulous on most women because they are eye-catching yet slenderizing and polished looking. The simpler your look is, the less potential you have for messing it up.

    Solid colored clothes don’t have to be boring, just look for vibrant hues, sexy textures and detailing. If you do wear a pattern (such as a floral dress for example), try to make sure that everything else you wear with it (makeup, purse, shoes, nail color, etc) is toned down and neutral. That way, you won’t look too busy. The simpler the color scheme of your outfits, the easier it is to have that polished celebrity/supermodel look. Just make sure to have enough color tone going for your outfit to pop a little bit.

    In the photo you can see Megan Fox in some printed T-shirts which I do not think would be attractive on an older woman. In the celebrity photos she looks stunning in vibrant color clothes however. This proves my point that you don’t have to dress casual to look younger. I think she looks amazing in the more sophisticated outfits. They give her a polished yet youthful look. This is perfect for an older woman! You can look sophisticated and still look younger.

    Showcase your beauty (the prettier you look, the younger you look)

    You aren’t going to look fabulous by magic. Maybe decades ago you could have gotten away with getting out of bed, throwing on clothes and running out the door. But at our age as older women, we need to put at least some effort in. To combat the tired look that senior women get, it is a must to learn how to apply makeup that looks natural yet enhances one’s beauty and makes us look more awake and vibrant. Hair color is also important as it can create a complimentary frame for your face and the right color will shave years off your age. Makeup balance is also important, with eyes being the most important part of the face. Earth toned eye makeup with lightly penciled eyebrows and a coat of mascara on eyes can do wonders for your face. Generally speaking, the more attractive you look, the younger you look.

    Take advantage of tricks to looking younger and adopt star quality style

    I hope you enjoyed my tips for looking younger. Remember that it’s not about dressing casual so much. It’s about having natural elements to your look that helps you exude your natural beauty. You could be dressed up for a celebrity event and still exude natural youthful beauty, so it’s not just about putting on casual clothes to look young. The easiest way to get that I’m famous look about you is to limit clashing patterns and printed clothing and simplify your wardrobe color schemes. Believe it or not, a simpler primary color wardrobe of clothes will give you a more polished celebrity like appearance while still helping you look younger at the same time. Lastly, learn to maximize your beauty with enhancing hair color, hair style and makeup that highlights your eyes. Remember that it’s not all about spending money and getting plastic surgery. Choosing the right color clothes from your closet and applying enhancing makeup can transform your look just as dramatically as plastic surgery can (and it’s free).

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    Look Younger! Learn how to look 10 years younger. Discover the key to getting plastic surgery that looks natural. Find out more about cosmetic procedures available for older women. Read my reviews of books on beauty that celebrity sex symbols author, and the beauty, health and fitness, diet and workout regimens they follow. Do they really reveal all their anti aging secrets?

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    Smile, laugh and don't frown! Keep on reading for all my anti aging advice. Why listen to ME? Because I read, research, study photographs, articles, magazines, tutorials, videos and blogs about beauty and make up all day long. Trust me, I know all the tricks and I know how to cut corners on costs. I even show occasional pictures of myself to demonstrate that I stay in shape too, and keep up with my own looks. Now I'm a world famous redhead beauty blogger and I can help you look your best.
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