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    Surgisil is the newest permanent lip augmentation. Would you consider Surgisil lips or any kind of permanent lip implants for that matter?

    Surgisil lip implants (also known as PermaLip in Europe) are the latest offering for permanent lip augmentation in the US. Are you tired of paying for temporary lip injections that have to be redone every four months or so? There are some permanent alternatives to temporary lip injections including gortex implants, lip lift surgery, silicon micro drop injections and alloderm implants. In this article we are going to look at Surgisil Perma Facial lip implants which are newest in permanent lip implants.

    Women are looking for permanent lip enhancement to cut temporary filler expense

    Women who want plump lips tend to go for temporary lip fillers that have to be done every three to six months. These fillers definitely work nicely (like Restylane or Juvederm) however the fact that you have to redo them really adds to the price. Not only that, after you are injected you can get a trout pout look and then as time goes on your lips deflate slowly until you get them reinjected. Temporary lip fillers are a relatively safe solution but can become a money pit for women. After a few years of paying for lip injections a woman might start to look for a more permanent solution.

    Surgisil lip implants

    With the Surgisil lip implants, there is no need to have to redo anything. The implant is made out of a silicon elastomer. The implant is made out of a molding process and looks like a tube. It’s a contoured implant that has a non-porous smooth surface. Since it’s solid (yet soft) the implant can’t rupture or deflate in the lips. It can be removed. The implant comes in different widths and plumpness sizes small, medium and large. The price of the lip implant is about $2500 though if you get this procedure done in Beverly Hills or Hollywood expect to pay more money.

    Would you get Surgisil lip implants?

    I love the idea or Surgisil lip implants for the main reason that a woman could plump her lips permanently and loop hole out of the never ending temporary lip filling cycle. The only problem however, is that these tubular lip implants can make the lips end up looking like too fat, like sausage lips. The implants may be soft and natural feeling as they claim, but I think they tend to look like unnatural lips. Older women, the one thing you really don’t want is to have over inflated lips because you are going to look ridiculous. The risk you run with implants are that your lips are going to look fat all the way across. When you lose the cupids bow, that natural dip in the top lip at the middle, it can give you the creepy plastic surgery look. You can also have the complication where you can see the lip implant outline and have a double lip look.

    Surgisil PermaLip implants are similar to chin and cheek bone implants

    Surgisil PermaLip implants are made out of silastic. That is the same type of material that they make chin and cheek implants from. Anything implanted into a woman can cause adverse reactions because you are putting something alien into your body. But as far as material goes, the silastic is pretty resilient and at least it can’t leak or rupture. I would think the bigger problem is in how the results look and whether it is blatently obvious that you have big fake lips that look stupid. Bad placement or healing can also be a problem where the implant outline is visible in the lip or asymmetric. There is also the issue of how your body heals around the implant. You can get for instance, a scar tissue nodule or lump, at the edge of the implant where it was inserted.

    How is the Surgisil Perma Facial implant placed?

    The Surgisal Permalip silastic implant is tunneled into the lip through small incisions in the corner of the mouth. The procedure is done using local anesthesia if you can tolerate it, or a light twilight sleep sedative. You don’t need general anesthesia to get the implants. So far the studies show that the implant itself won’t harden much. However there is always the possibility that you would have to have the implant taken out if there is an infection or a capsule formation. A capsule formation is where there is undesired scarring or healing around the implant that causes it to look shifted, asymmetric, or obvious. If you get this procedure done your lips will be swollen as a bat and black and blue for one to two weeks.

    What do I think of Surgisil Permalip Implants?

    I think it’s a pretty logical idea (permanent lip implants) if you are dumping an endless amount of money into temporary fillers every few months. The only problem is that these implants have a high propensity to give the “sausage lip” look where the lips look fat and dumb all the way across the lip span. The natural lip curves and cupids bow get messed up. The cupids bow curve at the top center of your lip is a really important beauty feature that can easily get distorted by inflating your lips with a straight across implant. I think the fillers can give a more natural result because the doctor can control where to put the filler and leave the cupids bow looking nice. If I was a women and I really wanted these implants I would probably opt for the smallest size they have! If you get the big implants you are going to look like an old lady with fake lips and it’s going to be an awful plastic surgery result. I would go for the smallest sensible size if I was going to do this. If you were to inflate your lips by say no more than 20% then I think you might get a pleasant result.

    Even if you are going to opt for permanent lip augmentation it is a good idea to use the temporary fillers first for a few years (such as Juvederm or Restylane) because that would give you a good idea of what size/shape lips you want without permanence. I don’t think you should get a surgery like this over night unless you have some experience with lip injections, are sure you like them, and know down to the last gory detail what kind of effect you want. Even though you can get Surgisil implants removed it’s still another major surgery/revision and no small matter to get them taken out. You would want to get it right the first time. I would go to a surgeon who has done a lot of these procedures to increase your chance of a good result.

    I’ve seen photos of women where you can actually see the permanent lip implant outline when they smile and it looks horrible. If it’s anything permanent and right smack on the main part of your face (which lip implants are) I would proceed with caution, research all of the risks, and choose a plastic surgeon carefully!

    Surgisil Permanent lip implants are manufactured by a company out of Dallas. I think permanent lip augmentation procedures will increase as women look for permanent alternatives to lip injections. Other companies will probably manufacture similar soft but solid silicon lip implant devices. Anything permanent is a major decision so I can understand why a more conservative woman might opt for judicious Restylane or Juvederm injections or forego lip injections altogether. I love the idea of lip implants but to me they can look too tube like and wreck the natural beauty of the cupids bow.

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