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    Aussie Bikini shop online Wicked Weasel swimwear has great style ideas for womens swimsuits. These micro sheer bikinis and cutout one piece suits make the cult classic swimsuit styles look so incredibly Hot! Some of the concepts can help you get fashion ideas for when you go swimsuit shopping. Look for similar style ideas but obviously you’ll want more support and coverage for the over forty body

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    Women over 40 may not be able to fit their body into a Wicked Weasel swimsuit however that doesn't mean the Aussie swimwear company doesn't have great style ideas. They take the cult classic hottest styles such as the white bikini and make it sexy as hell. These ideas are great and when you shop for a more appropriate suit with coverage you can look for the same style concepts.

    Wicked Weasel Swimwear

    Bikini after 40? Few women can pull it off. Even the hottest celebrity women would have a hard time fitting into a Wicked Weasels bikini without falling out all over. These Australian bikinis are the hottest of the hot micro mini bikinis and sheer cut out one piece swimsuits. One thing is certain that you have to have a young, firm, slender fantastic body to wear one. Few women can even at a younger age pull it off because you have to be firm as a rock! But that doesn’t mean we older women can’t have a whole lot of fun looking. Believe it or not, rather than getting depressed that you can’t squeeze your body into one, how about getting some ideas from their designs? After all, they have the hottest style and each one has some sort of special sexy aspect to it. The suits may not fit but their ideas still translate to more age appropriate suits.

    I author another web domain PattyPasadena that gives tips for the perfect bikini body, swimsuits and beach accessories. Since it is an online site also geared toward older women, I look at hundred and hundreds of bikinis. I look at so many photographs of women in bikinis it is not even funny. No I am not a swimwear designer or a celebrity stylist but I do know what looks good from so many regular viewings of the swimwear offerings. The thing about Wicked Weasel is that they take the hottest of the hot concepts and apply them to their line of suits. True that the bikinis are too small for an older ladies body but the ideas aren’t! Here are a few of the cult classic bikini styles with ideas for how to adopt a similar wicked weasel look but with ample coverage.

    The classic white bikini

    The white bikini is always a cult classic beauty look. At upper left you can see the wicked weasel white bikini with a micro sheer fabric. Obviously the size and support of the triangle top won’t work with an older set of breasts. We need lift, under wire, lining, and we need support. Likewise, the bottoms need to really cover us. The white bikini shown is the perfect approximation to the wicked weasel one. It has the ribbing detail only larger, is less see through for the modest woman, and has a lot more support and coverage. It is altogether more appropriate after forty but still has that Wicked Weasel white cult classic beauty appeal to it. Bikinis in solid colors always make you look more polished and thinner. Avoid Barbie colors like pink and stick to the strong basics for example, white, gray, tan, blue, purple, green, red and strong jewel tone shades.

    The classic black mesh bikini

    A sexy twist on the classic black bikini is to incorporate a mesh like fabric that has some shimmer pop to it. You can see that with the micro wicked weasel bikini at top center. Now look to the right. You’ll see a fabulous tankini style that has the same shimmer black fabric in the tankini top with a plain black string tie bottoms. I don’t usually like tankinis that much, especially ones that show the midriff, but this one totally rocks it. It’s an inexpensive Maxine of Hollywood swimsuit. Suits like this you can find but you really have to have something in mind when you shop, otherwise you end up with a frumpy old lady bathing suit with a skort or skirt, yuck! The main point is that when shopping for your suit you should have looked at plenty of ideas and have a classic style in mind for yourself before you start trying on.

    The dazzling turquoise blue bikini

    The brilliant light blue bikini has always been a stunner on women. The color bright sky blue is great for summer or tropical vacations, its bright and completely dazzles a swimsuit, yet it doesn’t scream over the top neon either. You can see the extremely sexy wicked weasel one. At right, a more conservative approximation would be to find the same dazzling color but in a one piece option. The light blue one piece swimsuit shown totally rocks it. That bright color is going to look fabulous on any skin tone. It’s a fantastic alternative to an all black swimsuit. Many plus size women think that an all black bikini is the only slenderizing thing. So Not true. In fact, an all black bikini usually does not translate well to the one piece world. The expanse of black fabric over a larger body just looks too depressing and morbid and there will be too much of the material. The blue is just as slenderizing but it attracts eyes to the awesome color and it pops. You get the slenderizing effect of the all one color suit but the wicked weasel sex appeal by copying their fabulous choice of color.

    Skimpy Hawaiian bikinis translate horribly to 1piece suits and plus sizes

    If there is one swimsuit tip that I could pass on to women that have some flaws to hide, it is to abandon the tropical Hawaiian prints with a vengence. A skimpy floral print or jungle print look is so darn hard to pull off even if you are a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model! For a regular women, it’s like mission impossible. Loud and busy floral prints scream touristy and tacky when they move out of bikini land and into plus size swimsuit land. The animal jungle prints are really sleezy looking. I would say avoid floral pattern swimwear, geometric pattern swimwear, and any obnoxious animal print. Also avoid funeral black swimsuits. If you go for black you need some cleavage or contrasting accents to the suit in order to break it up so you don’t look like a nun.

    I hope you enjoyed these swimsuit tips and get an idea of why brands like Aussie Wicked Weasel and Venus stay on top of their game. They take the sexiest colors, patterns and styles and apply them to their swimsuit lines. The trick when you go to buy your suit is to apply the cult classic ideals to age appropriate swimsuit brands that gives you more body coverage and support. Classic white, dazzling blue, a hint of sparkle, will add some real pizzazz to your swimsuit.

    Forget the skort or built in skirt and try a sarong that compliments the suit instead

    Just because you are older and larger does not mean you can’t rock a swimsuit. One last trick is to try a scarf or sarong or cute pair of shorts that match your bikini or one piece. This is a great alternative to that ugly skort or built in skirt. God I hate those because they are like a loud I‘m old bugle. If you get a sheer or light weight sarong you can go into the water with it on. Try to stick to solid colors in classic jewel tones and get a sarong that is also a solid color either lighter or darker than the suit. Just like with the suit avoid floral print noisy sarongs instead going for something with a nice color and texture to it. This will give you a continuous streamlined look that will blend in seamlessly with the bathing suit and consequently make you look way thinner.

    Next time you look at that wicked weasel micro bikini instead of wishing yourself back to your high school reunion, get creative and find a similar but age appropriate look for yourself. Just make sure whatever you buy fits you nicely by being sure to get the right size. Too small suits cut into the skin and draw attention to body flaws. Try on two adjacent sizes and choose the suit that fits best. If your body is not proportionate consider buying either separates, or two suits, one for the perfect fit top and one for the perfect fit bottom. If it looks fabulous on both your top and bottom, it will be worth the price of two. Put some thought into your swimsuit and you’ll feel so much better about yourself when beach season comes around.

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    Look Younger! Learn how to look 10 years younger. Discover the key to getting plastic surgery that looks natural. Find out more about cosmetic procedures available for older women. Read my reviews of books on beauty that celebrity sex symbols author, and the beauty, health and fitness, diet and workout regimens they follow. Do they really reveal all their anti aging secrets?

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    Mature Beauty has the best beauty tips for women! Plastic surgery, makeup tips, natural beauty, anti ageing secrets, celebrity fashion, organic cosmetics, body contouring, facial cosmetic surgery, and everything an older woman might want to know to apply makeup, get in shape, be sexy, dress hot, look younger and stay beautiful and hot on a budget. Aging supermodels and celebrity plastic surgery gossip. Be 100% all gorgeous!