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    Beauty secrets, makeup tips & tutorials, cosmetics reviews, plastic surgery, fashion and top anti aging Beauty Tips. Free beauty tips for a beautiful face, bikini body shape, diet and fitness plans, salon hair, and the best skin care products. How to apply makeup, natural beauty secrets, Botox, Restylane, lasers, peels, facial fillers, FAQ and cosmetic surgery prices. How to dress sexy. Look ten years younger and feel fabulous like a celebrity in your forties, fifties, sixties, at any age!

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    Cosmetic plastic surgery face & body, apply makeup, antiaging secrets, wrinkle skincare, sexy clothes, natural beauty, toned fit Shape

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    Discount Beauty. Buy beauty products cheap, mix and match brands, spread out salon appointments, and try do it yourself at home beauty treatments whenever possible. Every woman does not need every luxury. 5 tips to cut costs on beauty after 40!

    Fabulous after forty on the cheap

    How do you look star fabulous after forty when you don’t have the money that the stars have? In this beauty tips post I am going to let you in on a few money saving beauty secrets. Most women want to save money on beauty products and beauty treatments, but they don’t know where to begin when it comes to the money saving on their bath, body, skin care, hair care and basic beauty. The beauty trick is to look as fantastic as the rich celebrities and superstars look on a fraction of their beauty budget. It takes some cunning and finesse but if you know how to save and budget you too can party like a rock star and give those over forty celeb stunners a run for their beauty money.

    Beauty tip #1: save when you buy beauty products

    Saving money on beauty products is imperative. First of all, if you want to go exploring new products and beauty impulse buy, try doing that at the discounted stores. Many a good perfume, cream and exercise contraption wind up in the TJ Max and local 99Cent store where you can blow money on beauty impulse buys (we all have them) for less.

    Mix and match cosmetics brands. Every woman has must have certain cosmetics that are top of the line, can’t live without. For example, flaw concealer and quality eyeliner are so important that you might want to splurge on a high end mineral brand or MAC store for those. That is perfectly understandable. But try to find the remaining cosmetics products at the drug store. This saves you money big time. Brands like Wet n Wild, Revlon, Cover Girl, Maybelline, L’Oreal, Almay and Physicians Formula are reasonably priced and you can get at least some of your makeup staples from these tried and true drugstore brand lines.

    Make up isn’t the only cosmetic to save money on, think of your hair. You should definitely be trying to save on hair shampoo and conditioner products. Some women must buy high quality shampoos. If your hair is problematic I so get that. But with a little drugstore experimentation you might find a lower cost alternative. Sometimes you can go with a less expensive shampoo brand and keep the high end conditioner, or vice versa. Mix and matching shampoo and conditioner can save you a bundle, sometime hundreds of dollars per year.

    Spending a fortune on wrinkle creams is also a big waste of money. If you need one special cream, be sure to supplement it with a reasonably priced complimentary cream. Creams from The Body Shop are affordable, as are brands from Rite Aid such as Neutrogena or Tree Hut. For example, you could use body butter for everything, and for wrinkles keep a tube of prescription Retin-A for example, on hand. You want something to refresh dead skin for sure, but at the same time a simple cream that agrees with your skin can be found for a fraction of the price of designer creams. Combined use of beauty creams save you money.

    Beauty tip #2: save when you buy beauty procedures

    Salon treatments from hair cutting, drying and dyeing to nail manicures, pedicures, acrylic nails, eyebrow and female mustache waxing, leg or bikini waxing and facials all add up to astronomical amounts of money spent on beauty. Women should certainly pamper themselves however some women spend a huge amount of (wasted) money on themselves. My friend from college complains that his girlfriend spends $600.00 on her hair cut and color! Women do go over the top on what they spend.

    Try to prioritize your beauty salon expenses. For example, if you get your eyebrows waxed, try buying good tweezers and trimmers so that you can upkeep the brows at home and stretch out the wax appointments. The more you learn to do yourself, the more you save. Facials and massages can be considered a pure luxury, so try and save those for special occasions and do them as a treat not as a routine.

    Acrylic nails are super pretty but the upkeep really costs you. If you must do the acrylics, try going a neighborhood over that has cheaper rates and you’ll find yourself saving hundreds of dollars a year just on your nails. Nail polish sticks on acrylics better than regular nails, so if you ditch the acrylics you may want to ditch the manicure altogether. Do nails at home in neutral pale colors that don’t show chips and a bad polish job. Get the manicure and pedicure for special occasions. Pedicures look nice and are usually worth it because they do last for a while. During winter, you can stretch out the time between your appointments or go natural until sandal season starts. There is also nothing wrong with the natural look of nails as long as they are in good condition and attractive it looks fine.

    Instead of paying for expensive beauty hair blow dry appointments, try investing in a flat iron. Flat ironing hair section by section can give a wonderful result and save you money and time at the salon. Some older women have perfectly whipped and feathered hair that looks salon perfect though. If you can’t forego the blow dry’s, try different ways of clipping your hair up at night that preserves the blow out for longer. You can also touch up with a flat iron to stretch out a salon blow dry.

    Beauty tip #3: prioritize health and fitness over clothes shopping

    Clothes are great and all, but being a beauty blogger I have to let you in on a little secret. All you need to do is spend an afternoon at the mall watching the ladies shop. I’ll people watch scanning for ideas to write about, and I’ll see women with bags and bags of merchandise but are they the best dressed women? No! Just because you spend a lot of money buying clothes does not mean that you are well dressed or have good style and it can actually even mean that you get bamboozled on iffy trends and don’t know how to dress at all. It’s from blogging about beauty for so long that I can see the simple mistakes women make over and over. Honestly, simple classic clothes that fit nicely with a minimum of clashing “noise” are the most flattering. Keep your fashion style simple. Keep colors natural but not too drab. It’s a very simple formula. Simplicity really works. Buying trendy flashy clothes will draw attention to the clothes, not you. Complimentary colors and clothes that fit on the other hand, do matter.

    Health and Fitness after 40 50 60 70 80 make it a beauty priority!

    Your health and your fitness are way more important than clothes in my opinion. You know that saying that if you have a great figure you can look amazing in a t-shirt and pair of jeans. It’s true. So while it is important to shop periodically and refresh your clothing wardrobe, your main expenditure should be on keeping yourself healthy and in good physical shape. Shopping is way easier, more pleasurable, and less expensive if clothes fit you easily.

    Beauty tip #4: spread out beauty treatments (or drop them)

    Any salon appointments that have to be repeated regularly add up. Waxing appointments are a good example. Consider getting a few electrolysis or laser hair removal appointments just to reduce your overall amount of hair. While laser appointments cost you a lot, you can save money over the long run. Even a few laser hair removals can cut back on coarse hair growth. If you lessen the hair, then a quick razor shave can let you spread out the waxing upkeep appointments. Hair removal appointments do no remove hair over night nor do they really work as permanently as they claim. If you are hairy, the hair will find a way back regardless. But cutting down on the overall amount of hair can make your hair removal care way easier. With less heavy hair and milder re-growth you can spread out waxing appointments. Use razors at home for upkeep in between beauty appointments.

    Hair cut, color and weaves cost a lot of money! Can you save on any of these treatments? If you get a nice weave, can you get a simple trim at the Super cuts or do it yourself even? If you can cut corners on just one of cut, color, prefessional blow dry or weave, you can save huge. If you are getting an all over hair color, consider learning how to do that at home. Many a woman in this economy is having their husband die their hair for them. Or, they do it all by themselves. Gray hairs grow out fast. You would be amazed because if you dye your hair at home you may have conquered roots. The beauty of leaving the legions of hair salon goers is that you can touch up any time. Women who get extreme processing may need to stick with the salon experts, but covering grays and going within a few shades of your natural color is easy enough to train yourself to do on your own at home.

    Beauty tip #5: shop prices around when spending money on beauty

    Women tend to be incredibly careless when it comes to plunking down money for beauty. The biggest money big spending beauty pit of all time is the Botox and Wrinkle fillers. Women pay hundreds of dollars for Botox per area, over and over. Likewise, they get hooked on lip inflation and wrinkle plumping fillers like Restylane and Juvederm. Botox and facial line fillers can be a totally great beauty regimen if you tolerate it well, but definitely shop the prices around! You can save virtually thousand of dollars each and every year by being more astute about dumping money into these treatments. Know what you are getting, and look for the best pricing. Once you find it, stick with it and spread appointments out as far as you can. If you don’t really need Botox or fillers don’t get them because they are a money pit. Only get what you need.

    When looking to save money spent on beauty, try to save on beauty procedures and treatments that “go away”. They aren’t permanent, so why infuse excess money into them? That is why it is important to be astute when spending money on cosmetic injections. Safety is first and you must use reliable doctors for treatment, but these things fade and need replenishing after just a few months. Therefore, every small saving you reap on a repeating treatment is adding up over time. Where you don’t want to cut corners is on something like cosmetic surgery. Don’t go out of country for a surgery just to save money as that could put you at risk or take you away from loved ones. Remember safety first, saving your hard earned money second. Superfluous expenditures is where you want to look to save.

    Cheap Beauty

    Every woman has a beauty fetish and corners cannot and will not be cut on her fetish whether it’s her hair color weaves, manicures and pedicures, leg waxing, perfumes, La Perla lingerie or wrinkle creams and fillers. But let me say that every woman does not need every procedure or luxury across the board. Your job is to find out where you are able to comfortably cut corners and then start cutting them big time. By lowering your expenditure on cosmetics, hair care products and treatments, makeup, skin creams, cosmetic injections for lips and wrinkles, and clothes, you can save virtually thousands of dollars a year. That’s right, thousands.

    I know because I went from a period or gainfully earning to gainfully earning nothing. And I guarantee you can become more shrewd on beauty expenses while nonetheless becoming way more knowledgeable about looking fabulous. My advice can save a woman a ton of cash, and she will look every bit as good as she did when she was hemorrhaging her money out. If you were to add up these savings over the course of a few years you could literally buy yourself a face lift, that mommy makeover, or a long trip to the fat farm with what you saved.

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    Cosmetic plastic surgery face & body, apply makeup, antiaging secrets, wrinkle skincare, sexy clothes, natural beauty, toned fit Shape

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