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    Calcium vitamins that are chewable and delicious and will cost you 10 or 20 dollars, but you may actually finish them. Yummy.

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    Yummy (old lady candy) sugar and sugar free calcium soft chews, spring valley calcium chews, viactiv calcium caramel, kirkland calcium chews, bariatric advantage, ellactiva, meijer calcium chews, ellactiva calcium chews, generic cvs soft calcium chews!

    I am sure you’ve heard of calcium supplementation. Talk of calcium comes up often within the topics of post menopausal health and osteoporosis prevention for women. Calcium vitamin supplements can often be chalky large tablets that leave a bad taste in your mouth. With the advent of calcium chews, you can get your calcium in a taffy-like chew that makes you look forward to taking your calcium down. One serving of the candy typically gives you about half of your daily needed calcium, vitamin d and vitamin k

    Do you really need a calcium supplement?

    Calcium is an important addition to your diet since daily calcium helps you maintain bone density and bone strength as you age. If your diet is lacking in calcium intake, you could be putting yourself at risk for easily fractured bone accidents and osteoporosis later on. Most women get vitamin D through natural exposure to sunlight however some elderly women can get deficient in that too. Since vitamin D also helps reduce incidence of easy bone fractures they usually bundle D (and K too) in with the calcium vitamins as a package deal.

    Paying for vitamins and supplements adds another expense to your health and beauty budget. Do you really need to be taking a calcium supplement in the form of a pill or candy? Well if you are eating low fat and non fat dairy products or calcium fortified juice, you should be getting all of the calcium you need through your daily diet. Provided you eat a good spectrum of healthy foods on a regular basis, you really shouldn’t need to take the big calcium pills or eat the candy-like calcium supplement alternatives. Women who eat dairy, juice and breakfast foods should be getting the calcium they need from food. If you don’t have a good well rounded diet, then obviously you might be lacking in calcium not to mention other vitamins.

    If you know for a fact that you are lacking in the calcium because your doctor told you or through blood tests or diagnosis, then I can see how some women would vastly prefer to eat yummy calcium chew candies over swallowing yucky calcium supplement pills. For women who need the extra supplementation, I really like the idea of chewable vitamins. Calcium caramel chews taste good. Throughout my life I’ve bought plenty of vitamin pill bottles from the health food store. Every time a friend gets cancer, you tend to run out and buy some vitamins in fear. Most never get used up and sit on your shelf. You never even make it down to seeing the freshness packet at the bottom of the bottle. The gummy vitamins and chews get eaten, plain and simple. They get eaten all gone. For that reason alone I would say that if you really need to get additional vitamins like calcium, the vitamin chews are a pleasant and reliable way to do it, and saves you the pill swallowing nuisance.

    Calcium Chews for Women

    Lately I’ve been noticing these caramel candy vitamin chews every where I go, like in the health food store and near the protein/energy bars or vitamins at the supermarket. These so called vitamin supplements aka sugar laden candies masquerading as vitamins, usually boast calcium with added vitamin D and vitamin K. They are marketed right toward us older menopausal women at risk for osteoporosis. Most of these chewable supplements come in flavored fruit or caramel variants. Some are loaded with sugar and essentially they are caramels with vitamins added, others are sugar free for the diabetics among us.

    Being that I despise swallowing vitamins pills, I like the idea of chewable candy like vitamins. I think gummy chewable vitamins are great. Older women tend to have a really hard time swallowing a large tablet, but they definitely like eating something that tastes like a caramel or gummy bear for dessert. The only real warning I would give to women is that the chewy stickiness of these vitamin candies can literally break a brittle tooth, denture or veneer. This is particularly true if you buy these caramels at a discount store where they are stale or near their expiration date. You also don’t want to store calcium candy chews in the refrigerator either because they will be too hard.

    I happened to chip a tooth not on a calcium chew but on a similarly textured chewy energy caramel bar, so you do need to be careful. Not only that, these calcium laced candies are not particularly dietetic. They are pretty much like eating candy calorie wise. They are also loaded with either sugar, or a sugar substitute. If you are trying to stay away from sugar then stay away from the sugar chews. And let me warn that the no-sugar diabetic variants should only be eaten in the recommended amounts. The chews with the artificial sugar substitutes like Sucralose, Spenda or Sorbitol are notorious for causing stomach pains and diarrhea if you eat too many of them. If you stay within the recommended serving you should be okay however these caramels are tempting and you might eat too many.

    If you are lacking in certain vitamins and this shows up on your yearly blood work or through other medical means, then it’s really your overall diet that you should be improving (more important than taking candy like diet supplements). Make sure to eat a broad spectrum of foods and know that low fat or non fat dairy, calcium fortified juices and breakfast foods are all loaded with calcium. That being said, chewable vitamins are great for the older women who truly need the added supplementation. They are far easier and more fun to consume than pills. Knock yourself out, stay within the recommended serving to prevent stomach aches, and beware of hard as rocks chews because they may help your bones but break your teeth!

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