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    Mommy Makeover cosmetic surgery package deals that promises multiple professional plastic surgeries to give you your beach body back are here. Do you dare to get a breast augmentation, tummy tuck and liposuction surgery together? Yikes!

    You might have heard cosmetic surgery specials, cost reductions, deals and pricing on something called mommy makeovers. Well, mommy makeovers are real common these days. And these makeovers are not having to do with makeup lessons and buying some new clothes. These makeovers are major plastic surgery procedures involving things like breast implants, breast lifts, liposuction and tummy tucks.

    I read that the American Society of Plastic Surgeons calculated that these post pregnancy package deal procedures have increased more than five times more than any of the other type of plastic surgeries, and this during the crummy economy we have been living in.

    I think these mommy makeovers are rather extreme, particularly for women who are over forty. Even one plastic surgery can hit you pretty hard, so I can’t fathom three big ones all together at an older age. But women are doing it. Would you do it? Take a vote below and give your opinion …

    Would you risk getting a mommy makeover of breast augmentation, tummy tuck and liposuction?

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    Natural Beauty Makeover

    It used to be that a mommy makeover was a television special where stylists found you in the street or the audience of a daytime talk show. The mommy makeover may have included a hair and makeup lesson and styling consultation at an upscale salon plus spa. Maybe you got a full day of the spa’s best cosmetic and therapeutic treatments. You might get a brand new outfit or wardrobe and accessories courtesy of a trendy women’s clothing store or boutique. You get a professional makeup application. And finally, you’d get an overnight stay at a beautiful hotel known for their great service, in room Jacuzzi plus you get a free terry cloth bathrobe (if you were lucky). At the makeover reveal, you might appear in a video or on a makeover tv show segment where the stylists go over what they did (sans cosmetic surgery) to turn you into a million bucks without plastic surgery.

    Plastic Surgery Mommy Makeover

    Oh how times have changed. Nowadays, a mommy makeover may not be so natural at all. The most commonly offered cosmetic surgery version of a mommy makeover combines an offering of breast augmentation, tummy tuck and liposuction together as a package deal. It’s the so called mommy makeover trifecta. Sometimes the breast augmentation is just implants, other times it involves a more major breast lift along with implants. There are probably surgeons in cities like Los Angeles, NYC and New Jersey that perform fifty or more of these triple plastic surgeries a year. Like it or not, women are buying into it.

    What is the cost of a mommy makeover?

    I’d guess that a mommy makeover involving breasts, tummy tuck and liposuction would cost a woman around $15,000 to $20,000 on average. In Los Angeles or San Francisco, California and other major cities like NYC or Londen UK, the cost of such a surgery would certainly be at the higher end of the prices. Sometimes women get these surgeries financed either through a plastic surgery loan, a personal line of credit, or on a home equity loan. In LA, major liposuction surgery in several body areas might be around $6000, breast implants $7500, and for a tummy tuck $7500. Using those as estimation numbers, you can see that getting a package deal quote would probably save some money. If you were to split the surgeries up into separate ones, you would have to pay for the needed downtime and vacation for recovery, help with family, plastic surgery aftercare expenses, etc more than just the one time.

    I have to say that even though you would save money I don’t believe financial reasons and saving huge are justification to cause women to undergo an extreme surgery. I’ve said this before that I like to save money, but I don’t think you should save money on plastic surgery. I think you should save up money for plastic surgery by cutting other expenses that are superfluous. It’s surgery and your life, so you want to exercise cautions. I’d equate it to health decisions (because it involves surgery), where your health and well being are considering at a higher priority than money.

    Are you put off by the mommy makeover concept?

    I don’t know what this does to all the moms, but I do know that it probably pisses some moms off. Natural beauty moms who work hard and do sit-ups and crunches for a year or two to get their bodies back post pregnancy probably are annoyed by the plastic moms who waltz in for three plastic surgeries at once. Boom! It’s almost like the plastic surgery version of the mommy makeover beats the system. I personally feel that getting a bunch of surgeries at one time is a little bit risky and rather extreme, however some women want to have just one operation, one cost, and one downtime and get as much as they can fixed up for the lowest overall price using the best surgeon they can afford. They might even get the whole surgery financed with a plastic surgery loan. The scary thing is that mommy makeover implies this lightweight fun thing, when combining these surgeries is far from lightweight.

    Why so superficial?

    What I do know is that some women’s bodies really get significantly wrecked after multiple pregnancies. A lot of times, a mom might go in to a surgeon’s office wanting one thing. Maybe she had twins, gained a huge amount of weight, and now nothing will rid her of a massive amount of excess skin in her stomach area. So she is willing to trade the long tummy tuck scar for the joyful elimination of the redundant skin folds. A lot of her stretch marks would disappear also, being removed along with the swatch of belly skin that gets excised with a tummy tuck surgery.

    While she is in the surgeons office for a consultation, she discovers she can get her breasts done and liposuction of several areas done at the same time for not that much more money. So then she decides to go for it all. Three surgeries wasn’t necessarily her agenda from the start. It was a deal offered that she decided was a good deal and so maybe a woman decides to take advantage of it. By the way if she is getting a breast lift in conjunction with the implants it is more like four surgeries.

    Mommy makeover considerations

    The most important thing for a woman to do before having any of these types of surgery for cosmetic reasons is to wait long enough for their body to get back to a normal weight after giving birth. You have to recover and get healthy. You’d also want to be done breast feeding and have sufficient family support to be able to get into a surgery office for this type of surgery seeing as now you have a family to care for. I would not have three surgeries at one time without staying at one of those accredited aftercare surgery centers either. This is especially true for women over forty who are less resilient and should be watched over and assisted around the clock. Better to be safe than sorry.

    The difference between being over forty and under forty in terms of being able to tolerate a massive body operation is huge. It also varies depending on the constitution of the individual woman. One woman could get knocked out for a week, others spend two months trying to recover. It’s better to be safe and in proximity to round the clock medical help if you are doing such an extreme plastic surgery operation. You would have a quilified nurse to assist you with things like ice packs, changing of dressings, compression garments, assistance standing and getting to the bathroom, help with antibiotic and pain medication administration, and so on. Three surgeries is extreme in my estimation, I don’t think I would get a tummy tuck, breast lift/implants and lipo all together.

    Is a mommy makeover a good idea?

    I’ve always thought that women who take really good care of themselves and then maybe judiciously get things done here and there over the years and decades end up looking the best and most natural. If you are in good physical condition you are way less affected by pregnancies, even multiple pregnancies, than women who just let their body go. The ideal scenario is that you never need a mommy makeover. They say that women on average return close to the way they were anyways. If you were in great shape to being with you have a decent chance of getting back into great shape within a year or two after giving birth. You would not need a complete mommy makeover.

    On the other hand, I can understand why women decide to do this if their self-esteem about their body and beauty spirals way down to the ground. I’d bet a mommy makeover saved a few marriages too as some women don’t want to be intimate after their body changes drastically for the worse. A surgery that gives them back their body, even with permanent surgical battle scars, can boost self esteem and be a good life experience for some women.

    I never had that problem of too much extra skin even after four pregnancies and several miscarriages. But some women get literally folds of excess flopping abdominal skin and they just can’t contend with it and there is nowhere for it to go, literally. I think these situations make sense for the mommy type makeover. No amount of working out can really help with substantial skin folds. Also some large breasted women get breasts flat as pancakes with nipples point straight down to the ground after breastfeeding a brood. I sort of understand the merits of a mommy makeover (or at least I relate to why a woman would want one) for those situations in particular. Diet and exercise can’t change the direction a breast is pointing (down) by 90 degrees counter clockwise.

    I would warn women that breast implants and breast related operations that are often part of the plastic mommy surgery are usually not one time ordeals – they often require additional surgeries down the line, say ten years later if not sooner for revisions. The mommy makeovers are really crazy drastic yet if you are a mom and have had numerous pregnancies you can most likely identify as to why some women choose to do it. A breast lift alone is a major surgery (it’s more involved than just implants) so I can’t easily imagine a woman getting a breast lift, tummy tuck and liposuction together. Even regular breast implants with a tummy tuck (tummy tuck is also a big, big surgery) seems extreme to me to do at one single time.

    The mommy makeover irony

    The ironic thing is that you would think the really fake plastic celebrity/Hollywood women of Los Angeles are getting the mommy makeovers. In reality, they aren’t the ones getting it for the most part because they’ve been secretly getting plastic surgery all along LOL! They probably already have breast implants and might be so into exercise and diet that they gained only the recommended pregnancy weight. They likely don’t even need a tummy tuck. Maybe they will sneak in for a little liposuction and go on about their celebrity business.

    I suspect it can quite often be the every day suburban mom that gets the multiple surgery mommy makeover. She’s probably not even that into plastic surgery at all, and wants to go in for a once in a life time one shot plastic surgery deal to fix her problem at a good price. She doesn’t want to go back for more surgery. That being said, the natural beauty mom and the mommy makeover mom may not be that different and far apart from each other after all. What do you think of these mommy makeovers that involve multiple plastic surgeries and the women who get them? Comment below!

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    Cosmetic plastic surgery face & body, apply makeup, antiaging secrets, wrinkle skincare, sexy clothes, natural beauty, toned fit Shape

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