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    Laser Vein Treatment

    Cost and Benefits of Laser Treatment of Spider Veins

    Laser treatments for spider veins using special skin lasers such as the VersaPulse laser, are effective only for the milder versions of the spider vein problem. There are varicose veins, spider veins, and broken or dilated capillaries. Vericose veins, and serious spider veins are best treated using sclerotherapy injections because they are too serious to be treated effectively with just a laser. If the veins are large enough to be injected with a solution via schelerotherapy, then that is the most effective. The mildest version of the veins are called broken or dilated capillaries. These are the very thin red colored veins, splotches and discolorations. These broken blood vessels are actually too thin and fine to be injected and so the laser is actually a reasonable means for vein removal. For veins that are more severe, scelorotherapy is the cost effective treatment option of choice. Another basis for doing the laser is if you have completed the sclerotherapy treatment and there are remaining fine veins left that were not captured. These left over blemishes you can go after with a laser.

    Dilated Capillaries (also called broken veins, broken blood vessels, or broken capillaries)

    Dilated Capillaries are the mildest of the ugly leg vein problem. Essentially, these are very small little pink lines that look like little threads. They are usually pink/red and quite thin. If there are many of them clustered close together, they can look like a red patch. Usually they are thread like, thin and spidery and many can appear in one area. These are the mildest of the vein problems and are commonly seen on the legs and also on the face. When they are on the face they often appear around the nose area. On the legs they can appear virtually anywhere on the thighs and calves. I have a theory that they initiate where there is pressure and tension in the legs. If you have a certain way of sitting in your chair at your desk or stay stationary too long, I believe it can contribute to these veins developing. I also think that hormonal changes, pregnancy, any trauma or pressure to the skin, as well as weight gain and loss can contribute towards these broken capillaries. They are typically only a cosmetic problem however I personally believe that there can be slight pinching pain in areas where you have these veins forming, sometimes relating to how you sit or cross your legs for long periods of time. I hate to say this but working at your desk all day long may be wrecking your beautiful legs!

    Method and Cost of Treatment of Dilated Capillaries

    Dilated Capillaries, also commonly known as broken blood vessels, broken veins, or broken capillaries, are best treated by skin lasers as they are too thin to inject via sclerotherapy needle. As long as the veins are very thin and mild, lasers are the best way to deal with these and you should get them treated when they come and are visible enough for the laser to get them, rather than waiting until they get worse. The typical vascular laser used to treat these veins is called the VersaPulse. The Versa Pulse laser is a safe treatment that takes only minutes. The laser is run over the veins and you feel a pain close to a rubber band snapping on your skin. It hardly hurts more than say, a leg waxing. Your doctor should have you wear protective eye goggles which is easy enough to do. If the intensity of the laser is set properly, after 4-6 weeks you should see the veins looking less visible. You should note that immediately after the laser treatment, the veins will be redder than they are prior to the treatment, or “angry” looking. This normally fades and you need to wait a month or slightly more before you will notice the blood has been absorbed and the veins look less visible.

    Each treatment with a VersaPulse laser is going to cost you between $300-$400 dollars, depending on where you live. It is really expensive, considering that the treatment only takes minutes to do. The issue is that the doctor’s office has to purchase or lease the machine so they have a monthly payment on the machine that they have to cover and what they make past that is income. These machines are expensive and can cost well over one hundred thousand dollars, which is why you have to pay so much for the treatment. The problem is that the laser normally requires 3-4 treatment sessions spread out over say six months. If you are paying $400 per versa pulse laser session, you are looking at over one thousand dollars for just three treatments. The newer generation skin laser machines are cheaper for the doctor’s to purchase and you may be able to consequently get cheaper laser treatments however I have heard that VersaPulse is still the best skin laser machine around to laser treat spider veins.

    The best thing you can do to get cost effective results from your VersaPulse treatments is to be proactive with the doctor about the laser settings. You want someone experienced with using the laser machine. If the laser intensity is too low, the treatment is less effective and you have to pay for more treatments than you might otherwise need to get the job done. If the setting is too high on the other hand, then you could burn or aggravate your skin. Be proactive about looking at your chart and at the very least know the settings. If you had a treatment and your legs barely get red immediately after, maybe the next treatment the doctor could increase the setting slightly. It’s up to you to be proactive and understand that you are spending a lot of money. This is one thing women don’t realize when they spend money on beauty. It’s money. Money is money and women want to improve their looks so bad that they often turn a blind eye to the cost and pay more than they should for cosmetic treatments.

    You can also discuss with the doctor having a test patch done for less money to see if it is effective, before you go into the full price laser vein treatments. Another idea is to talk to the doctor about possible discounts you could get on the follow up treatments should you stick with it. Finally, if you have serious spider varicose veins or spider veins with a significant amount of purple in them, you are completely wasting your money on laser treatments. They really aren’t going to solve a serious vein problem. If the veins are substantial enough to get treated with sceleotheray injections then that would be a more cost effective treatment. Only pay for laser leg vein treatments if the veins are very thin and on the pink/red scale. If they are more severe than that, go to a vascular doctor and look into the injections. Another reason to get the laser leg vein treatments is if you have already done the sclerotherapy injections and there are still feathery red zones left that a laser could clear up the remnants of. Finally, if you have broken capillaries on your face then obviously your usual course of action is the laser because they don’t typically do sclero therapy treatments on people’s faces if a laser can be easily used.

    If you have a tendency towards getting these veins, expect several VersaPulse treatments to treat them, at a cost of 300-400 per treatment. Keep track of the intensity of the laser settings, and negotiate discounts with your doctor should you get the usual 3-4 sessions spread out over 4-8 weeks each. New veins can very easily form due to pregnancy and other changes or a basic predisposition to get them. You may need to go back every few years to get a touch up treatment on new broken capillaries that form. For more serious purple blue and protruding veins you should go to a vascular surgeon or specialist first and discuss your options with sclerotheray. Laser treatments are only suitable (and cost effective) for the smaller veins which can’t be easily accessed with a sclerotherapy needle injection.

    Complications from laser vein treatments

    There are complications that can result from getting laser treatment of leg veins. The most common complication is that the intensity of the laser is too high for your skin to tolerate. Improper laser settings can cause blisters which can wind up being scars on your legs. This is why you definitely want someone that is skilled to be performing the treatments on you. You don’t want to go in and pay money to fix one problem, and inadvertently cause another problem. Another unwanted result of laser treatments is if brown spots are left behind. Sometimes the healed skin will be a slightly different color than the surrounding skin, depending how well you tolerate the treatment.

    Negotiate the cost of sessions and take advantage of the Economy

    The economy is so tight right now that even doctors and plastic surgeons are hurting for clients. If you are a doctor and have a machine on hand that you are paying a small mortgage payment to have in your office, you may be willing to negotiate the price of treatments. If the machine is sitting unused, and your doctor has time available to him, you would be surprised at the price break you can get by just asking (or begging). Particularly if you are a long standing client, you can simply ask for a serious discount. If you really do have economic concerns, cosmetic doctors are usually willing to work with you in order to keep your ongoing business. You never know unless you ask. Vascular doctors, cosmetic centers, etheticians and plastic surgeons all understand what is going on with the economy and they feel the financial pinch too since people need to pay mortgages more than they need to get laser treatments. You can potentially get a $400 laser treatment session for $200 dollars. If the doctor believes that you will come back for future treatments he will definitely try to be flexible on pricing (within reason). Remember be safe, have reasonable expectations and enjoy those sexy legs.

    The picture shows three sample before & after photos of laser vein removal treatments just to give you an idea of what can be achieved after having several laser treatment sessions spread out by 4-6 weeks each. The photo before laser treatment are shown on the left. The photograph after the laser vein treatments are to the right of the before pictures. For veins any worse than the ones shown in the picture here you should read the next blog article for more information about sclerotherapy vein removal.

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    Three before and after pictures of laser vein removal. Before and after photos may require 3-5 laser treatments to achieve! Consider sclerotherapy for veins worse than these.

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